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Chapter 43. – The purchase of a country house for the Holy Family by Cyrenius.

43,1. The next morning Cyrenius immediately sent a messenger to the commander of the military garrison and conveyed to him that he should come to see him as soon as possible, but without any ceremony.

43,2. The commander met Cyrenius and spoke: "Noble representative of the great emperor in Coelesyria and supreme commander of Tyre and Sidon, let me hear your wishes!"

43,3. And Cyrenius spoke: "My most revered commander! First I wish that there are no honours given to me, for I am here incognito.

43,4. Secondly, I would like to now from you, if there is a small house for sale or for rent either here in the city itself or some mansion not too far way from the city.

43,5. For I want to buy something like that for a very highly esteemed and honourable Jewish family.

43,6. For reasons well known to us, this family had to flee from Palestine, pursued by the 'great' Herod and is seeking shelter now under our Roman tolerance and forever firm justice.

43,7. I have carefully investigated all the circumstances of this family and have found them pure and without blemish! – It is easy to understand that under such conditions they can hardly survive under Herod and it is understandable as well that this monster of a ruler of Palestine and parts of Judea is Rome's biggest enemy!

43,8. I believe you will understand what I am saying? – This is the reason why I want to buy something nice and useful for this family here.

43,9. Please do me a favour and tell me if you hear of anything! I cannot stay here for long because important matters are waiting for me in Tyre, therefore everything has to be settled today!"

43,10. And the commander spoke to Cyrenius: "Your Highness! That is no problem at all; I have built myself a rather nice villa half a mile out of town together with a fruit orchard and three beautiful cornfields.

43,11. But I cannot spend enough time there to take sufficient care of it. It is all in my own possession; if you want it, I can sell it to you with everything that goes with it for a hundred pounds and it can be held without payment of taxes."

43,12. When Cyrenius had heard this he shook hands with the commander, had his servants bring the money and promptly paid the commander in cash unseen, then had himself led to the place by the commander, unseen by Joseph, to examine what he had bought.

43,13. When he saw the villa he liked it very much and he told his servants, to remain in the mansion until he would return with the family.

43,14. He then went with the commander into the city and after letting him draw up the parchment scroll of ownership, took his leave from him and went full of joy to Joseph.

43,15. Joseph immediately said to him: "Good and dear friend, I have to thank God for His blessings upon you which made you bestow so much of your friendship on me until now!

43,16. I am saved now and had a wonderful accommodation here last night! – But I have to stay here; what will the future be like – where will I live, how will I sustain myself? – See, I will have to look after that right away."

43,17. And Cyrenius said: "Well my most esteemed friend, just have your family pack and come with me bag and baggage, and we will look for something a few hundred yards outside the city, since my enquiries have shown that there is nothing available in town!" – Joseph happily agreed with this and did as Cyrenius had asked.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-43 Chapter