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Chapter 46. – The common supper and Joseph's narration about the story of creation, humanity and the Jewish people. Cyrenius' cautious report to the emperor and its positive effect.

46,1. Joseph then ordered his sons to look after the animals and to check the foodstuffs.

46,2. And they went and did all according to Joseph's will, fed the animals, milked the cows,

46,3. went into the pantry and found a large supply of flour, bread, fruits and several pots full of honey.

46,4. For the commander was an expert beekeeper according to the traditional school in Rome praised by a Roman poet in those days.

46,5. And soon they brought bread, milk, butter and honey to Joseph in the living room.

46,6. Joseph looked at everything, thanked God and blessed all the food, and had a table set to which he invited Cyrenius.

46,7. The latter gladly fulfilled Joseph's wish as he was a great lover of milk and honey-bread.

46,8. During the meal, Joseph briefly explained to Cyrenius the story of the Jewish people along with the story of creation and of mankind

46,9. and described it all so precisely and consistently, that it became very clear to Cyrenius that Joseph had surely told the authentic truth.

46,10. Although he was very pleased on his part, he was also saddened about his people in Rome whom he well knew to be in disgraceful darkness.

46,11. Therefore he spoke to Joseph: Exalted man and now greatest friend of my life!

46,12. Look, I have made a plan! – All what I have heard from you now, I shall report to my near blood brother, the emperor Augustus, but only as if I had heard about it accidentally from a Jew unknown to me.

46,13. Your name and your the place where you live will not be mentioned in the least; for why should the best man in Rome, the emperor Augustus, my brother, have to die eternally?"

46,14. This time Joseph agreed and Cyrenius wrote, still in Ostracine, for three days, and sent the document by a special ship to the emperor in Rome, with the sole signature: Your brother Cyrenius.

46,15. Upon reading this news from Cyrenius the eyes of emperor were opened; he began to respect the Jewish people and even gave them an opportunity to be admitted as Roman citizens for a small tax.

46,16. At the same time all preachers of paganism were exiled from Rome on one pretext or another.

46,17. For similar reasons the otherwise popular poet Ovid was exiled from Rome, without anyone knowing why. Likewise the priesthood had a hard time under Augustus.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-46 Chapter