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Chapter 47. – Cyrenius' departure and his care for the Holy Family. The terrible news brought by the witnesses of the massacre of the innocents. A letter of Cyrenius to Herod.

47,1. On the fourth day Cyrenius took his leave, after he had impressed upon the commander the importance of giving protection to this family at any occasion and without fail.

47,2. But as he was leaving the entire family wanted to accompany him to the sea, where his ship had dropped anchor.

47,3. Cyrenius declined this amicably and spoke: "Dearest exalted friend, please stay here in peace!

47,4. One cannot know what kind of messengers have caught up with my ship – and with what news!

47,5. Although you are completely safe now, there is a certain cleverness needed on my part here so that none of the spies come to know why I visited Egypt in January this time!"

47,6. Joseph understood Cyrenius very well, remained at home and blessed his benefactor in the forecourt of his house.

47,7. Then Cyrenius went away with his four servants, promising to visit Joseph again soon and reached his ship quickly by foot.

47,8. When he arrived, he was received with great rejoicing, but later on other messengers turned up who were wailing pitifully.

47,9. For many parents fled the coast of Palestine from the persecution of Herod, the child murderer, and narrated in great agitation the horrors of Herod's actions in Bethlehem and the entire southern part of Palestine, with the help of the Roman soldiers.

47,10. Hereupon Cyrenius immediately sent a letter to the governor of Jerusalem and another one to Herod himself, in the same spirit!

47,11. The letter read briefly as follows: "I, Cyrenius, a brother of the emperor and highest governor of Asia and Egypt – command in the name of the emperor to stop your cruelties immediately;

47,12. failing which I shall regard Herod as a downright rebel and will punish him according to the law, according to what he deserves and according to my justified anger!

47,13. The governor of Jerusalem is to investigate his cruelties in detail and inform me about it without delay, so that this ruthless tyrant shall not evade a just punishment for his deeds!

47,14. Written on my ship 'Augustus' at the coast of Ostracine, in the name of the emperor, his highest deputy in Asia and Egypt and special governor in Coelesyria, Tyre and Sidon – Cyrenius vice Augusti."

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-47 Chapter