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Chapter 5. – The handing over of Mary's completed temple work. Mary and the High Priest. Mary visits her relative Elizabeth.

5,1. In a few days, Mary had also completed the purple, arranged it, then took the scarlet and laid it to the purple.

5,2. Then she thanked God for the grace that enabled her to complete the work so well, bound the spun yarn in pure linen and set out with it to Jerusalem.

5,3. She went alone to the building site at which Joseph was working; however, from there onwards, Joseph again accompanied her to Jerusalem and thereat to the temple.

5,4. Upon arrival, she immediately handed over the work to the High Priest.

5,5. He visually examined the scarlet and purple, found the work exceptionally good and praised and greeted Mary with the following words:

5,6. "Mary, such proficiency does not lie naturally within you; however the Lord has worked through your hand!

5,7. Therefore God has made you great; you will be blessed by the Lord God from among all women on earth, for you are the first to deliver her work to the temple."

5,8. Mary however spoke to the High Priest in great humility and gladness of heart:

5,9. "Honourable servant of the Lord in His holy shrine! O do not praise me too highly, and do not elevate me above the others; for the credit of this work cannot be given to me, but to the Lord alone, who guided my hand!

5,10. Therefore let all praise, all honour, all glory and all my love and worship be to Him alone!"

5,11. And the High Priest spoke: "Amen, Mary! Immaculate virgin of the Lord, you have spoken well before the Lord! – So leave again in peace; the Lord be with you!"

5,12. Thereupon Mary arose and went with Joseph to the building site, where she partook of some refreshment consisting of bread, milk and water.

5,13. A half day's journey away from the building site, across a small mountain range, lived an aunt of Mary, named Elizabeth. Mary wanted to visit her and requested Joseph for permission.

5,14. Joseph promptly agreed and sent his eldest son along as a guide, who was to accompany her until Elizabeth's house was within view.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-5 Chapter