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Chapter 4. – Mary's childlike-innocent conversation with God and the response from above.

4,1. Soon after the angel disappeared, Mary praised and glorified the Lord God in her heart:

4,2. "O who am I, o Lord, that You grant me such grace? –

4,3. I am to become pregnant without ever having known a man; because I do not even know what differentiates a man from me.

4,4. Would I then really know what it is: to be pregnant? O Lord! I know nothing of this!

4,5. Do I even know what it is, when one says: 'Look, a woman gives birth'? – O Lord! Be merciful to me; I am a maidservant of just fourteen years and have only heard of all this - but actually know nothing about it!

4,6. Oh, what will happen to me, a poor maiden, when I am pregnant - and do not know, what this condition is!

4,7. What will the father, Joseph, say when I tell him, or when he notices, that I am pregnant?!

4,8. However there cannot be anything bad in being pregnant, especially when a maidservant such as Sarah was once chosen for it by the Lord Himself?

4,9. Then I have often heard in the temple how delighted the women are when they are pregnant!

4,10. So there must be something really good and blissful about being pregnant, and I will surely also rejoice, when it is given to me from the Lord that I will be pregnant!

4,11. But when, when will this happen, and how? – Or has it already happened? Am I already pregnant, or will it happen later?

4,12. O Lord! O eternal Saint of Israel, give me, your poor maidservant, a sign, as to when this will happen so that I may exalt and glorify You for it!"

4,13. At these words, a luminous whiff of air wafted towards Mary and a soft voice spoke to her:

4,14. "Mary! Do not trouble yourself in vain; you have conceived, and the Lord is with you! – Do your work, and complete it, for no more work of such quality will be done for the temple!"

4,15. Here Mary kneeled, prayed to God and praised Him for such grace. – After she had praised the Lord, she arose and took up her work.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-4 Chapter