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Chapter 3. - The announcement of the Lord's birth by an angel. Mary's humble devotion.

3,1. One Friday morning, Mary took the water jug once again and went outside to fill it with water, and oh! – a voice spoke to her:

3,2. "Greetings to you Mary, full of the Lords' grace! The Lord is with you, oh blessed among women!"

3,3. She trembled when she heard these words and was quite afraid, as she could not see from where the voice came, and keenly looked to the right and to the left; but she could not discern anyone who could have spoken.

3,4. Hence she was full of great fear, and hastily took the filled water jug and hurried home.

3,5. As she arrived trembling, she put aside the water jug, took up the purple, sat down in her chair and diligently continued to spin the purple.

3,6. But she had hardly regained her composure at work when the angel of the Lord stood before the diligent virgin and spoke to her:

3,7. "Do not be afraid, Mary, God is greatly pleased with you; and you will conceive by the word of God!"

3,8. As Mary heard this, she began to ponder on these words, and could not comprehend their meaning; so she spoke to the angel:

3,9. "How can this happen, I am not married and I have never been with a man, who might then take me as his wife, so that I might become pregnant and bear a child, just as other women do?"

3,10. The angel however spoke to Mary: "Chosen virgin of the Lord! It will not happen as you think, but God's power will come over you.

3,11. Therefore the Holy One who will be born of you will be called the Son of the Almighty!

3,12. When He is born, you shall name Him Jesus; for He will redeem His people from all sins, judgments and eternal death."

3,13. Mary kneeled before the angel and spoke: "I am only the Lord's maidservant! Let it happen as you have said." And the angel left her, and Mary continued her work.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-3 Chapter