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Chapter 2. – The new curtain in the temple. Mary's work on the curtain.

2,1. At the time, a new temple curtain was deemed necessary to cover the old curtain, which was worn and torn.

2,2. The priests had gone into deliberation, and they spoke: "Let us make a curtain in the temple of the Lord, so that the damaged curtain can be covered.

2,3. Because today or tomorrow, the Lord may appear, as it is written, – how could we stand before him, if He finds us having neglected the temple?"

2,4. But the high priest said: "Do not judge so blindly; as if the Lord, whose sanctum is in the temple, would not know about the state of the temple!

2,5. Then call for me seven immaculate virgins from the tribe of David, and we will come to a solution for dividing the work!"

2,6. Now the attendants went out to search for the virgins from the tribe of David, but could barely find six, whom they showed to the high priest.

2,7. But the high priest remembered that Mary, who had been entrusted in the care of Joseph only a few weeks ago, was also from the tribe of David, and told the servants about this.

2,8. And the attendants went out and told Joseph, who went and brought Mary back to the temple, guided by the temple's attendants.

2,9. As soon as the virgins were assembled in the temple's atrium, the high priest came and led them into the temple of the Lord.

2,10. And when they were assembled in the temple of the Lord, the high priest spoke:

2,11. "Hear, o virgins from the tribe of David, who has decreed by the Lord's will that the fine work on the curtain that separates the temple's Holy of Holies must always be done by the virgins from his tribe;

2,12. and according to his testament, the various tasks must be distributed through the drawing of lots, and may every virgin do the work allotted to her according to her skill!

2,13. Look, there in front of you is the damaged curtain, and here on the golden table are the various raw materials already prepared for the work!

2,14. You can see that this work is necessary, therefore let us immediately draw lots, so that we can know who among you will spin the threads of gold, asbestos, cotton,

2,15. silk, as well as the hyacinth-coloured, the scarlet, and the genuine purple!"

2,16. And the virgins meekly drew lots according to the prescribed order as the High Priest prayed over them; and it was established how the work would be distributed.

2,17. And the scarlet and the genuine purple fell to the lot of the virgin Mary, the daughter of Anna and Joachim.

2,18. The virgin gave thanks to God for such a gracious award and the allotment of such honourable work for His glory, took the work and returned with it to her house, with Joseph leading the way.

2,19. Upon arrival at home, Mary immediately started the work in joyful spirits; Joseph advised her to work with all possible diligence, blessed her and immediately returned to his construction work.

2,20. It was at the same time this took place that Zachariah, while taking care of the smoke offering in the temple, lost his power of speech because of a lack of faith. Therefore a replacement was chosen for him, under whom the drawing of lots for this work had taken place.

2,21. Mary was related to both Zachariah as well as his replacement, so that she increased her diligence twofold in order to complete the work in a short time, and if possible, be the first one to do so.

2,22. However she increased her diligence twofold not out of a desire for fame, but in her determination to give great joy to the Lord God by completing her work as soon and as best as she could.

2,23. At first, she worked on the scarlet that had to be spun with great attention, to prevent the thread being thinner or thicker here or there.

2,24. The scarlet thread was spun by Mary with great mastery, so that all who came to Joseph's house were amazed at her extraordinary skill.

2,25. In a span of just three days, Mary had completed the scarlet and immediately began with the purple. As she had to constantly moisten it, she often needed to take the jug and go out with it to fetch water during the work.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-2 Chapter