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The Gospel of James about the Childhood of Jesus.

Biographical gospel of the Lord from the time Joseph took Mary as his wife.

22 July 1843 - James, a son of Joseph, has recorded all this; however, with time, it has become so distorted that it cannot be allowed to be included in the scriptures as authentic. I however want to give you the genuine Gospel of James but will begin only from the period mentioned above; for James had also included the biography of Mary since her birth as well that of Joseph.

– So then write as the first chapter:

Chapter 1. – Joseph the carpenter. The casting of lots for Mary in the temple. God's testimonial of Joseph. Joseph's prayer. Mary in the house of Joseph.

1,1. Joseph was busy with the construction of a house in the region between Nazareth and Jerusalem.

1,2. A nobleman was having this house built there to serve as a hostel, as the Nazarenes had no other shelter on their way to Jerusalem.

1,3. And Mary, who had been brought up in the temple, had come into womanhood, and according to Mosaic Law, she had to be given from the temple.

1,4. Messengers were sent out throughout Judea so that fathers could come forward and one among them could be found worthy to take the young maid into his house.

1,5. As such a notice also came to Joseph's ears, he immediately laid his tools aside and hastened to Jerusalem, to the place determined for the meeting.

1,6. After three days, the candidates met in the same place again, and after each candidate for Mary offered the priest a fresh lily stalk, the priest went into the interior of the temple with the stalks and prayed.

1,7. After his prayer, he came out with the stalks and returned them to each man.

1,8. All the stalks immediately became blemished, only the one last handed to Joseph remained fresh and spotless.

1,9. Some of the candidates objected to this test, declaring it biased and thus invalid, and demanded another test which would allow no room for any mischief.

1,10. The priest, annoyed at this, commanded that Mary be fetched, gave her a dove and asked her to step in among the candidates, while at the same time letting go of the dove,

1,11. but just before the release of the dove said to the candidates: "Behold, you who misinterpret the sign of Jehovah! – This dove is a pure and innocent animal and unable to hear our discussion,

1,12. but lives only in the Lord's will and understands only the almighty language of God!

1,13. Hold high your stalks! – The stalk of the candidate, on which the dove released by the young maid perches, and the head of the person on which it sits, will be the one who shall take Mary!"

1,14. The candidates were satisfied with this and said: "Yes, this will be an unmistakable sign!"

1,15. As Mary released the dove at the behest of the priest, it immediately flew towards Joseph, perched on top of his stalk and then flew from there to sit on Joseph's head.

1,16. And the priest spoke: "This is the will of God! Upon you, worthy craftsman, the lot for the virgin of the Lord has unmistakably fallen! So take her in the name of the Lord in your pure house for further care, Amen."

1,17. But when Joseph heard this, he answered the priest and spoke: "See, anointed servant of the Lord according to the Law of Moses, the trustworthy subject of the Lord God Sabaoth, I am already an old man with grown-up sons at home and have been a widower since a long time; I will become an object of ridicule and scorn to the sons of Israel, by taking this young maid into my house!

1,18. So let the process be changed once again and let me stay outside so that I am not counted among the candidates!"

1,19. The priest however held up his hand and spoke to Joseph: "Joseph! Fear the Lord! Do you not know what He did to Dathan, Korah and Abiram?

1,20. Behold, the earth was split and they were engulfed because of their rebelliousness! – Do you think He would not do the same to you?

1,21. I tell you: you have seen and perceived the unmistakable sign of Jehovah, so obey the Lord, who is almighty and just and always punishes those who are stubborn and unfaithful to His will!

1,22. Otherwise there will be immense fear in your house, whether the Lord will not also bring upon your house, what he did to Dathan, Korah and Abiram!"

1,23. Then Joseph became afraid and he spoke to the priest in great fear: "Therefore pray for me, so that God may be again merciful towards me, and then give me the virgin of the Lord according to His will!"

1,24. The priest now went inside and prayed for Joseph in front of the inner sanctum, - and the Lord spoke to the priest:

1,25. "Do not cause the man, whom I have selected, to be sad; then there is no other more righteous man in Israel, and no man in the whole world, and no one in front of my eternal throne in all the heavens!

1,26. Go outside and give the virgin that I have brought up Myself to the most righteous man on earth!"

1,27. Here the priest beat his breast and spoke: "O Lord, almighty one and only God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, be merciful to me, a sinner, for now I realize that You will judge Your people!"

1,28. Thereupon the priest arose, went out with a blessing in the name of the Lord, gave the maid to the fearful Joseph

1,29. and spoke to him: "Joseph, you are righteous before the Lord, that is why He has chosen you from among many thousands of men! And so you may go in peace, Amen."

1,30. And Joseph took Mary and spoke: "May only the holy will of God, my Lord, always be done! Whatever You give, o Lord, is always good; thus I gladly and willingly take this offering from Your hand!! So bless her for me and me for her, so that I am worthy of her before You now, as always; Thy will be done, Amen."

1,31. As Joseph spoke thus before the Lord, he felt invigorated in his heart. Thereupon he left the temple with Mary and led her to the region of Nazareth and thereat into his humble dwelling.

1,32. However, work awaited Joseph, so he did not tarry in his house this time and spoke to Mary accordingly:

1,33. "Mary, behold, I have taken you from the temple of the Lord, my God, according to his will; however I cannot stay with you now and protect you but must leave you behind, for I must go to take care of the construction of the house that I showed you on the way here.

1,34. But this does not mean that you will be at home alone and uncared for. I have a closely related resident who is a devout and righteous woman; she will be with you and my youngest son; and the grace of God and His blessing will not leave you.

1,35. I will soon return home to you, together with my four sons, and I will be a guide to you in the Lord's ways. The Lord God will now watch over you and my house, Amen."

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-1 Chapter