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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-51 Chapter

Chapter 51. – The confession of Maronius Pilla. Cyrenius as the wise judge.

51,1. When Maronius Pilla heard this judgment from Cyrenius, he spoke with a trembling voice:

51,2. "Pity on me, for all is betrayed! – I am a Republican and such has been openly presented to the emperor, – pity on me, I am lost!"

51,3. Cyrenius spoke: "I knew very well what sort of characters you are and for what reason you had allied yourself with Herod in the murder of the innocents.

51,4. That is why I acted as I did!

51,5. Indeed, if you would not have been a descendant of the first house of Rome like me, I would have had your head cut off without mercy,

51,6. if not nailed on a cross! But I have pardoned you because firstly, you were more misled into this move by Herod and because you are one of the first Patricians of Rome along with me and Augustus Caesar.

51,7. But you will not be restored to your office as long as Herod is alive, and as long as you are not completely healed!

51,8. And the condition of your being here will be fulfilled by the work I will give you which you will carry out without any argument, and you will be under my strict observation!

51,9. In the spring I will make an official visit to Egypt – and you will accompany me!

51,10. There a wise old man lives outside the town; I will let him examine you he will tell you all about your illness!

51,11. There it will show instantly to what extent all your statements can be trusted!

51,12. Prepare yourself well; for there you will find more than the oracle of Delphi!

51,13. For there you will be put in front of a judge whose sharp eyes make iron flow like wax! – So prepare yourself well; for my declaration stands"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-51 Chapter