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Chapter 52. – Cyrenius' journey to Egypt and his arrival in Ostracine. Joseph and Mary's decision to welcome Cyrenius. The first words of the Infant.

52,1. The said spring soon arrived, for in this region, it starts already in the middle of February.

52,2. But Cyrenius scheduled his trip to Egypt only for the middle of March, which month the Romans usually chose for military affairs.

52,3. By the middle of March, Cyrenius had his ship equipped again and on the fifteenth, he promptly embarked on his journey to Egypt together with Maronius Pilla.

52,4. This time, the journey took five days.

52,5. On this occasion, Cyrenius let himself be received with all honours in Ostracine; because he had to undertake major military inspections and visitations this time.

52,6. This required that he be received with all honours.

52,7. His arrival therefore caused a great sensation in Ostracine, word of which also reached the villa we all know about.

52,8. Therefore Joseph sent two of his oldest sons to the town, to find out exactly what had caused all the excitement in the city.

52,9. The two sons hurried and came back soon with the good news that Cyrenius had arrived in the town, and where he was staying.

52,10. When Joseph heard this he spoke to Mary: "Listen, we have to visit this great benefactor immediately and the Infant should not stay behind!"

52,11. And Mary, overjoyed about this, spoke: O dear Joseph, that goes without saying, for after all the Infant is the true darling of Cyrenius!"

52,12. Mary promptly dressed the by now considerably grown Child in new clothes she had made herself and asked the Child with all her motherly love and innocence:

52,13. Well, my loveliest Son, my dearest Jesus, are You coming with us to visit dear Cyrenius?"

52,14. The Child smiled cheerfully to Mary and distinctly spoke the first word, and the word was:

52,15. "Mary, now I follow you until one day you follow Me!"

52,16. These words created such an elevated mood in the Joseph's entire house, that Joseph almost forgot about the planned visit to Cyrenius.

52,17. But the small Child Himself admonished Joseph not to postpone his plan; for Cyrenius would have many things to do this time for the welfare of the people.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-52 Chapter