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Chapter 54. – Joseph's anxious question to Cyrenius about the presence of Maronius Pilla. Cyrenius soothing answer. The arrival at Joseph's villa.

54,1. Joseph felt fine with everything now and he praised God in his heart for this happy turn of events which had caused him such concern.

54,2. Nevertheless, the presence of Maronius bothered him a little; for he had still no idea what this friend of Herod was actually doing here.

54,3. While on the way he approached Cyrenius unnoticed and asked him softly:

54,4. " Most noble friend of men! – This warrior who walks in front of you, is he not Maronius of Jerusalem?

54,5. If it is him, this friend of Herod, what is he doing here then?!

54,6. Has he somehow gotten wind of me and does he want to seek me out and capture me here?

54,7. Most noble friend! Do not leave me any longer in this frightening uncertainty!"

54,8. But Cyrenius took Joseph's hand and said to him, also in a low voice:

54,9. "My dearest and most exalted friend! Do not in the least fear this the man, who is actually merely the former governor of Jerusalem!

54,10. For still today you will convince yourself that he has much more reason to fear you than you have to fear him!

54,11. See, he is not a governor in Jerusalem anymore but, as you see him, my prisoner instead, and he will not take up his office unless he is completely healed!

54,12. I have taken him with me precisely on your account, because when I interrogated him regarding the atrocity in Palestine,

54,13. he claimed to know you and Mary personally. But as it turns out now, he neither knows you nor your wife Mary!

54,14. And that is very good grist for our mill.

54,15. He does not know that you are here, that's why you should not give yourself away!

54,16. For he expects to meet only a very wise man here, who will turn him inside out,

54,17. and this man is none other than you yourself! That is why I have taken him with me, so that he may come to know the wise man in you and be tested for his own good.

54,18. He is already terribly afraid of you in advance and, looking at his pale appearance, he surely thinks that you are the man I have mentioned to him!

54,19. From these few words, you can be at ease for now; what follows will make everything very clear to you!"

54,20. Joseph was very happy to hear this from Cyrenius, and secretly told Mary and his eldest son how they were to behave in front of Maronius so that nothing of Cyrenius' plan would be revealed. And they cautiously reached the villa where, as said, the meal was prepared. –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-54 Chapter