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Chapter 55. – The banquet in Joseph's villa. Mary's humility and affectionate quarrel with Cyrenius. The divine, counter-philosophical wisdom of the Holy Child.

55,1. The meal was prepared and the invited guests had come together; and Cyrenius, still enticing the Child which played with him and also caressed him, handed the Child back to Mary and gave the sign for the meal to begin.

55,2. Everyone sat down at the table, but Mary, having no appropriate dress, went with the Child in a side room and sat at the table with Joseph's sons.

55,3. But Cyrenius soon noticed this, quickly followed the mother and spoke:

55,4. "Dearest mother of This my Life, what do you want to do?

55,5. You and your Child are most important to me; you are the Queen of our gathering, and now you are the very one who does not want to take part in the festive meal which I had organized here just for you!?

55,6. Oh look, that can't be! So please come and sit at my right, and next to me at my left sits your husband!"

55,7. But Mary spoke: "O see, dear sir, I have very poor clothes; how will they look next to all your splendour!?"

55,8. But Cyrenius spoke: "O dear mother! – If my golden clothes, which have no value to me, are confusing you, then I will throw them off and change it for a common sailor's frock, so that I will not miss you at my table!"

55,9. As Mary was convinced of Cyrenius' great humility, she returned and took her place next to Cyrenius at the dinner table, with the Child in her arms.

55,10. While all of them were now sitting at the table, the Child constantly looked at Cyrenius and smiled at him, while Cyrenius in turn could not take his eyes from Him out of pure love.

55,11. For a short time he endured it, but then his love for the Child became more than he could bear,

55,12. and he asked the little One: "Tell me, my Life, wouldn't You want to come again in my arms?"

55,13. And the Child smiled sweetly at Cyrenius and spoke very distinctly:

55,14. "O my beloved Cyrenius! – I come to you very gladly, because you love Me so much! – That is why I love you so much too!"

55,15. Cyrenius immediately stretched out his arms towards the Child, took Him and caressed Him fervently.

55,16. And Mary said to the Child in jest: "Now do not mess up Lord Cyrenius!"

55,17. But Cyrenius said, deeply touched: "O dear mother! How I wish, that I was clean enough to be worthy of carrying this Child in my arms!

55,18. He can never dirty me, but only clean me!"

55,19. Here he turned to the Child again and spoke: "My Child, yes, I am still very impure, unworthy to carry You, is that not so?"

55,20. But the Child spoke very clearly again: "Cyrenius, whoever loves Me like you do, is pure, and I love him as he loves Me!"

55,21. And Cyrenius, quite enchanted, went on asking the Infant: "But how is it my Child, that you can speak so clearly and sensibly being just a few months old? Has Your mother taught You this?"

55,22. The Child smiled tenderly, sat up on Cyrenius' arms and spoke like a little lord:

55,23. "Cyrenius, this is not a matter of age or learning, but of the greatness of one's spirit! – The body and the soul have to learn, but the spirit already has everything in itself from God!

55,24. Now my spirit is full of the power of God; see, that is why I can talk so soon!"

55,25. This answer amazed Cyrenius as well as the entire dinner party and even the commander said: "By Zeus, this Child already now puts to shame all our wise men with His answers! What are Plato, Socrates and a hundred other wise men in comparison! What will this Child achieve when he is an adult?" – And Cyrenius spoke: "Surely more than all our wise men including all our gods!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-55 Chapter