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Chapter 56. – Maronius' high opinion of the Infant and Cyrenius' contentment with Maronius.

56,1. After these miraculous words from the Infant, Cyrenius turned to the evermore paling Maronius and said to him:

56,2. "Maronius Pilla, what do you say to this Child? Have you ever seen or heard anything like it?

56,3. Is it not obviously more than our myth of Zeus, who was suckled by a she-goat on an island?

56,4. Or much more than the doubtful tradition of the founders of Rome, the foster children of a she-wolf?

56,5. Speak, what do you think? For that is why you accompany, so you should hear, see and learn something and then give me your opinion about it!"

56,6. Maronius Pilla pulled himself together as well as he could and spoke:

56,7. "High commander of Asia and Egypt, what should a poor wretch like me say here, where the wisest men on earth would fall silent and the wisdom of Apollo and Minerva will be hammered thin on the glowing anvil of Vulcan?

56,8. Here I can only say: The gods had the pleasure to put an all-wise God out of their midst on earth; and Egypt as the old soil most favoured by all gods, a land which does not know snow or ice, has to be the fatherland of this God of all Gods!"

56,9. And Cyrenius said while smiling a little: "You are not mistaken, in a way;

56,10. but see, you only seem to have erred in that you called this Child a child from the midst of all the gods!

56,11. For look, on both sides of me sit the father and mother of this Child and these are people like you and me!

56,12. How could a Godchild from the midst of the gods appear out of them?

56,13. Besides, the lofty inhabitants of Olympus would certainly have done the dirty to themselves, as the Child's superior wisdom would quickly finish them off!

56,14. Therefore I ask you to reconsider, otherwise you risk that all the gods attack you together for such a display and will put you alive before Minos, Aeakus and Rhadamanthys and then place you at the side of Tantalus!"

56,15. Maronius caught his breath and after a while he spoke: "Consular Imperial Highness! I believe the court of the three judges of the underworld has almost withered away, and, as it appears to me, the gods have also strongly cleaned out their Olympus!

56,16. If we could have wise men only, who surely did not derive their wisdom from puddles, we would soon learn to live without the advice of our gods!

56,17. Indeed, the words of this miraculous Child already mean more to me now than three Olympi full of freshly baked gods!"

56,18. And Cyrenius spoke:"Maronius! – If you say this in all sincerity, then all is forgiven you; but we will have to discuss it a bit further; but nothing more for now!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-56 Chapter