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Chapter 57. – The closing of the banquet. The interrogation of Maronius Pilla by the Holy Family through Cyrenius. Maronius' admission of his white lie.

57,1. After finishing the meal, which never took more than two hours with Cyrenius, the commander and the centurions returned again to the town under strict orders not to pay any more tribute to him on this day.

57,2. When everybody had left, Cyrenius took Maronius to task cor ad coram.

57,3. He therefore questioned him in the presence of Joseph and Mary, who again carried the Infant in her arms:

57,4. "Maronius! When I interrogated you back in Tyre about Herod, you swore to me that you personally knew that honest carpenter Joseph from the region of Nazareth;

57,5. and also a certain Mary, whom this carpenter is supposed to have taken out of the temple as his wife, or merely into his care!

57,6. So, while we are sitting here enjoying ourselves with our host, give me a closer description of it!

57,7. For I have learned in recent days that this family is here in Egypt now and is a total different one than the one my brother has handed over to me, which is still kept safely in my custody.

57,8. For in spite of your hideous association with Herod, you might have enough feeling for justice and human compassion to acknowledge that it would be absolutely cruel, to keep innocent people in prison, wherever they may be!

57,9. Therefore, give me a good description of this notorious couple, so that I can search for them here and can arrest them; for our laws of state strictly necessitate this!

57,10. I am entitled to demand this from you even more so, because you have admitted yourself to know this family personally and their proper seizure has to be in my greatest interest!"

57,11. Maronius caught his breath again and did not know what to say; because he had never seen Joseph or Mary before.

57,12. After a while he said with a very stammering voice:

57,13. "Consular Imperial Highness! I plead for your kindness and leniency but finally I have to admit and swear by Zeus and all other gods that I do not know the aforementioned Joseph and that certain Mary!

57,14. My confession in Tyre was only an unfounded excuse, in a conscious attempt to mislead you.

57,15. But now I am convinced that it is not possible to deceive you, likewise I have changed my will and I have told you the whole truth"

57,16. Here Cyrenius made a sign to Joseph, who wanted to say something, to be silent for now, and said to Maronius:

57,17. "I see, if that is how we stand here, I think it's necessary to review and discuss all this a little further; for only now I recognize in you a very dangerous enemy of the state! – So your are now answerable to me under oath to each of my questions!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-57 Chapter