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Chapter 58. – Maronius Pilla's defence and good decision. Joseph as arbitrator. Cyrenius' noble verdict.

58,1. Thereupon Maronius said to Cyrenius: "Consular Imperial Highness! How should I still be under suspicion of the state as a follower of Herod?

58,2. For I realize now, that this ruthless tyrant strives to hold absolute sway over Asia!

58,3. Should I assist him in this? – How could this be possible? – With a handful of people from Jerusalem, Herod couldn't do much more than target the children of the Jews!

58,4. And this atrocity caused him such a setback that he will surely refrain from a similar operation for good!

58,5. But I was only a tool of necessity and had to act according to the tyrant's will, because he threatened me with Rome!

58,6. Now that I know very clearly from you how matters stand, and having no power in my hands and not wanting it anymore,

58,7. I do not see how and in what way I could still be seen as a danger for the state?

58,8. Keep me with you as an eternal hostage of my loyalty to Rome, and you will make me happier than if you would appoint me again as the governor of Palestine and Judea!"

58,9. This utterance from Maronius appeared to be straightforward and without ambiguity.

58,10. Therefore Cyrenius spoke to him: "Well, my brother, I believe what you have said; for I now hear a lot of sincerity in your words!

58,11. But there is still one thing missing for confirmation of the truth of your words and that is the judgment of that wise man, which I had mentioned to you in Tyre.

58,12. And see, this man, this oracle of oracles stands here before us!

58,13. This man sees through you into your innermost thoughts; so let 's ask him now what he thinks of you!

58,14. And his verdict shall be done to you! If he suggests that you be restored as governor of Jerusalem, you will be reappointed still today;

58,15. but if, for very wise and good reasons, he does not, you will remain my hostage!"

58,16. Now the matter was put before Joseph, who said: "Most noble friend Cyrenius! From my perspective, Maronius is now purified and you can give him back his post without hesitation!

58,17. For we are all in the hands of the almighty, eternal God; what power can oppose us?"

58,18. Cyrenius raised his hand and spoke: "I swear to you, Maronius Pilla, by the living God of this wise man, that from now on your are restored as governor of Jerusalem!"

58,19. But Maronius said: "Give this office to someone else and keep me as your friend with you; for this would make me much happier!"

58,20. And Cyrenius spoke: "So be my associate in office, as long as Herod lives, and then only as high commander of the entire Jewish land!" – And Maronius gratefully accepted.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-58 Chapter