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Chapter 60. – Cyrenius' wrath at Herod and the soothing words of the Child Jesus. The Child's question: "Who has the longest arm?"

60,1. When Cyrenius had heard all this from Maronius Pilla and the statements of Joseph and the Infant, he was positively appalled, and said:

60,2. "O you eternal powers of a most high ruler of infinity! Don't you have any lightning anymore to hurl on this monster of a vassal of Rome?

60,3. O Augustus Caesar, my good brother! – What fury has blinded your eyes at the time you entrusted this monster, this scumbag from the lowest Tartarus, from the true Orkus, with Palestine and Judea?

60,4. No, no, this is too much to bear! – Maronius! – Why didn't you say anything about this to me when Herod stood trial before me in Tyre?

60,5. By order of court martial I would have had his Medusa head cut off on the spot!

60,6. And for long a worthy vassal would be in the place of this monster from Greece!

60,7. But what can I do now? He has fulfilled his penance; I cannot impose another one on him, I cannot punish him further!

60,8. But behold, you old bloodhound, hyena of hyenas, you will be pursued in a manner all furies have never dreamed of!"

60,9. Maronius, Joseph and Mary trembled in front of Cyrenius' wrath; for they did not know what he intended to do.

60,10. Nobody dared to ask him a question now; because he was much too excited.

60,11. But the Infant was not afraid of Cyrenius' powerful voice, and looked him calmly in the face all the time.

60,12. And when Cyrenius' storm had somewhat subsided, the Infant spoke:

60,13. "O Cyrenius! Listen to Me! – Come to Me, take Me in your arms and carry Me outside into the open air, I will show you something there!"

60,14. These words were a balsam on the troubled heart of Cyrenius and he immediately went over to the Infant with open arms, and filled with love, he took Him tenderly and carried Him into the open air accompanied by Joseph, Mary and Maronius Pilla.

60,15. Out in the open the Child asked Cyrenius:

60,16. "Cyrenius, who has the longest arm, you or Me? Measure yours against Mine!"

60,17. Cyrenius was taken aback by this question and he did not know how to answer the Child; for obviously he saw that his arm was three times as long as both arms of the Child combined.

60,18. But the Child spoke again: "Cyrenius! Do you see that your arm is much longer than Mine?

60,19. But I say to you that my arm is much longer than yours!

60,20. Do you see a high pillar adorned with an idol there in the far distance?

60,21. Reach out with your arm, tear it down and crush it with your fingers!"

60,22. Cyrenius, even more baffled now, spoke after a short pause: "O my Child, my Life, that is surely only possible for God!"

60,23. The Child stretched out His arm towards the pillar which was a good thousand paces away, and the pillar crashed down and quickly turned into dust

60,24. Thereupon the Infant spoke: "So do not worry in vain about Herod; for My arm reaches much further than yours! Herod has his reward; but you must forgive him as I have forgiven him. It is better for you, because he too is a blind son of the earth!" These words took away all of Cyrenius' anger and he secretly began to worship the Child in all seriousness. –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-60 Chapter