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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-61 Chapter

Chapter 61. – Maronius Pilla's shock and Joseph's question. Maronius' pagan confession. Joseph's simple explanation. Cyrenius' warning to be careful.

61,1. Maronius Pilla was so shocked at this marvellous phenomenon, that he trembled all over his body like the leaves of an aspen tree in a big storm.

61,2. But Joseph saw Maronius' great distress, stepped to his side and said:

61,3. "Maronius Pilla! Why are you trembling so much? Has anyone hurt you?"

61,4. And Maronius replied to Joseph: "O man, for you who are unequalled in this world it is easy, for you are a God whom all the elements must obey!

61,5. But I am only a weak mortal human, whose life is in your hands, just like that pillar!

61,6. You can destroy me and the whole world instantaneously with your thoughts!

61,7. How could I not tremble in front of you, since you are surely the mighty ancient father of all our gods, if they really exist somewhere?

61,8. That pillar was already dedicated to Jupiter Stator since time immemorial; all storms and strikes of lightning withdraw from it in great awe!

61,9. And now even your underage Child has destroyed it! – But if your Child is capable of this, what powers must exist in you?

61,10. Let yourself be worshiped by me, a most unworthy earthworm!"

61,11. But Joseph spoke: Listen friend and brother Maronius, you are highly mistaken here!

61,12. I am no more than you, and just a mortal being myself! – If you can be silent on your life in front of the world, I would like to tell you something!

61,13. But if you cannot be silent, you will endure the same as that pillar!

61,14. And so, if you want and if you dare to, listen to me now!"

61,15. But Maronius pleaded to Joseph on his knees not to tell him anything, for he could let a word slip accidentally and would then be lost.

61,16. But Joseph spoke: "Do not worry, the Lord of heaven and earth never punishes anybody through a mischance!

61,17. Therefore you may listen to me without fear; what I will say to you will not harm you but save you eternally!"

61,18. And Cyrenius, who worshiped the Child and still caressed it in his hands, turned to Joseph and said:

61,19. "My best and dearest friend! Let Maronius be as he is now; I will prepare him myself today and tomorrow you can give him the higher initiation!"

61,20. To this Joseph agreed and he returned to the house along with the others.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-61 Chapter