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Chapter 62. – Cyrenius and Joseph in a loving competition about the welfare of a human soul. Joseph's words on human and brotherly love. Why a human being has two eyes, two ears but only one mouth.

62,1. In the evening Cyrenius spoke to Joseph: My friend, my divine brother! I am so sorry, that I cannot stay overnight with you!

62,2. And how sorry I am, that I have to dedicate half of the day tomorrow to take care of some state affairs!

62,3. But at around three in the afternoon I will come back to you together with Maronius, and after my ordinary initiation, you shall give him the holy higher one!

62,4. Because you see, I am very concerned that this otherwise very knowledgeable man will be saved by the holy teachings of your God, which I consider the only true and living one!"

62,5. And Joseph spoke: "Yes, lofty friend, that is only fair and proper, as nothing is more pleasing to the Lord than that we treat our enemies with love and care for their temporal as well as their eternal well being!

62,6. If we consider each sinner as an errant brother, then we shall also be considered by God as his ignorant children,

62,7. but otherwise only as malicious creatures, who will always be subjected to his judgments and shall die like ephemerids!

62,8. For look, therefore the Lord has given us two eyes and only one mouth, so that we shall look at everyone with one eye as human beings but with the other one as brothers!

62,9. If human beings are failing before us, we should keep the brother eye open and close the human eye;

62,10. but if brothers are failing before us, we should close the brother eye and direct the human eye to ourselves, and should look at ourselves as failing human beings, even against our failing brothers.

62,11. But with the one mouth we should altogether profess one God, one Lord and one Father, so that He will accept us as His children!

62,12. Because God has also two eyes and one mouth; with the one eye he looks at His creatures and with the other one at His children!

62,13. When we look at each other with the brother eye, our Father looks at us with the Father eye;

62,14. but if we look at others with the human eye, God looks at us only with the Creator eye and His only mouth announces His love to His children but His judgment to His creatures!

62,15. Therefore it is only fair and proper that we care for our brother Maronius!"

62,16. Here Joseph blessed Cyrenius and Maronius; both of them went to the city with their entourage, – and Joseph took care of his household.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-62 Chapter