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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-64 Chapter

Chapter 64. – Joseph's speech about the love for God and the love for the world. His references to David, Solomon and Cyrenius. The strong emotions of Joseph's sons and the blessing by the Infant Jesus.

64,1. When James had finished his narration, Joseph spoke to James:

64,2. "Yes, so it is and has always been now and will always be; one must love God more, even in the smallest thing, then all the splendours of the world!

64,3. For what can all the glaring splendours of the world give to a man?

64,4. David himself had to flee before his own son and Solomon had to experience the bitter disgrace of the Lord, because he was too much attached to the splendours of the world!

64,5. But with every second, God gives us a new life; how should we not love Him in the smallest thing more than all the world, which is transitory and full of rubbish and waste!

64,6. And among us we are all convinced that our Infant is a gift from above and is called the Son of God.

64,7. Hence it is not a small part of God and therefore it is fair, that we love Him more than all the world!

64,8. Look at the pagan Cyrenius! – It is not because of us that he treats us the way he does, but because of the Infant; for according to his concepts, his heart tells him that a highest entity of God is in close connection with our Child, and therefore he fears and loves Him.

64,9. If such is done by a pagan, how much more should we be doing, knowing fully well where this Child came from and who is His father. –

64,10. Therefore our whole attention should be focussed on this Child continuously; for the Child is more than we and all the world!

64,11. Take me as an example and see how many sacrifices I, an old man, have already made for this Child of God!

64,12. But I made these with ease and with great love, because I love God more than all the world!

64,13. Have we ever lost anything by that? – O no! We still have gained after every sacrifice!

64,14. Therefore all of you should think and do the same and you will never lose anything, but only gain greatly all the time!

64,15. And this Child is of such a tender nature, that it is a true joy to be with Him!

64,16. Only very rarely does He cry! He is never sick and when you tease Him he looks around so lively and happy and all the time smiles to everyone so warmly, that one is moved to tears by it.

64,17. And now that He has suddenly started to speak so marvellously, one would just like to squeeze Him out of love!

64,18. Therefore, my children, consider well who this Infant is and nurse Him with the utmost care!

64,19. For otherwise He could punish you accordingly, in case you would value Him, our highest treasure, less than all those empty follies of the world!"

64,20. This speech made all the five sons cry and all stood up from the table and surrounded the cradle of the Child.

64,21. But the Child looked at His brothers very tenderly, blessed them all and spoke: "O brothers, become like Me if you want eternal happiness!" – And the brothers cried and did not eat that night.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-64 Chapter