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Chapter 65. – Joseph calls for peace at night. The Child's wake-up call because of an approaching storm. The outbreak of the storm. The arrival of the fleeing Cyrenius.

65,1. Joseph's sons did not want to leave the cradle anymore; for they had completely fallen in love with their little divine Brother!

65,2. But since it had become rather late, Joseph said to his sons:

65,3. "You have now sufficiently shown that you love the Infant!

65,4. It is late in the night and tomorrow morning will be an early day, so, in the name of the Lord, go to sleep now!

65,5. The Child is asleep now, so put the cradle carefully near the mother's bed and go to your bedroom!"

65,6. Joseph had hardly uttered these words when the Infant opened His eyes and spoke:

65,7. "You should all stay here tonight and reserve the bedroom for some foreigners who will come here later to take shelter,

65,8. because a heavy storm will strike this region soon, the like of which has never been seen here before!

65,9. But none of you should be afraid, for not a hair on anyone's head will be touched!

65,10. Do not lock the doors, so that the refugees may come in the house!"

65,11. This prediction of the Child frightened Joseph, and he ran outside immediately to check from where the thunderstorm would come.

65,12. But as he stood outside, he did not see a single cloud; the sky was clear and no wind was stirring.

65,13. A deathly silence descended over the whole region and there was no single sign of an approaching storm.

65,14. Therefore Joseph immediately returned, praised the Lord and said:

65,15. "The Infant must have dreamed something, for there is no sign of any storm!

65,16. The sky is clear on all sides and no wind is stirring. From where should a storm then come?!"

65,17. Joseph had hardly spoken these words, when there was a sound like a thousand thunders; the earth shook so violently that several houses and temples in the city collapsed.

65,18. Soon afterwards a tremendous storm started to rage, driving the waves of the nearby sea into the city; and all the people, awoken by its violence, ran outside to higher ground outside the town.

65,19. And Cyrenius himself, together with Maronius and his whole entourage, came fleeing to Joseph in the villa and told him briefly about the horrible scenes which the earthquake and the storm had effected.

65,20. But Joseph calmed him down by telling him right away what the Infant had said to them earlier. – Cyrenius started to breath more easily, and the roaring of the storm did not frighten him anymore; for he felt safe and secure.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-65 Chapter