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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-66 Chapter

Chapter 66. – The raging storm. The sleeping Child. Cyrenius' concern. The Infant: "Storms are necessary...". A gospel of nature and the faith in God.

66,1. When Cyrenius had collected himself, he went to the cradle and looked at the Child, his breast filled with great thoughts.

66,2. But the Child slept peacefully and was not in the least affected by the terrible raging of the storm.

66,3. But a while later the storm was tearing so violently at the building that Cyrenius was afraid it would collapse.

66,4. Therefore he spoke to Joseph: "Exalted friend! Due to the increasing strength of the storm, I think we should leave this building!

66,5. For a powerful whirlwind can easily seize even this solid building and bury us beneath the rubble!

66,6. Let us therefore escape early, because we cannot be sure that something similar will be happening here as happened in the city!

66,7. Hereupon the Child suddenly opened His heavenly, divine eyes, instantly recognised Cyrenius, and spoke very clearly to him:

66,8. "Cyrenius! – When you are with Me, you do not have to be afraid of the storm;

66,9. for the storms as well the whole world are in the hands of God!

66,10. The storms are necessary and have to chase away the evil of hell incarnate!

66,11. But those who are around Me cannot be touched by it; for even the storms know their master and do not work without purpose!

66,12. For the One, who is full of love, wisdom and power holds their reins in His hand.

66,13. Therefore be without fear here with Me, My friend Cyrenius, and rest assured that not even a hair on anyone's head will be touched!

66,14. For these storms know exactly who is at home here.

66,15. Look, just this evening people have accorded fiery honours to you, who are only a human being after all!

66,16. But here the storms are honouring somebody who is more than just a human being! – Do you think that is unfair?

66,17. Look, this is a song of praise from nature, honouring its Lord and Creator! Is that not fair?

66,18. O Cyrenius, the air that blows at you, also understands the One who created it, that is why it can praise Him!"

66,19. These words of the Infant, who soon fell asleep again, made all of them silent and Cyrenius bowed down at the cradle and secretly worshiped the Child.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-66 Chapter