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Chapter 67. – The terrible message of the special messengers. The bloody demand of the pagan priests. Cyrenius divided between heart and world. The Infant's advice.

67,1. The next hour was a bit more calm and no one seemed to be too concerned anymore about the raging and raving of the storm outside.

67,2. But after another hour, special messengers came to Joseph's house to see Cyrenius and told him:

67,3. "High and noble man! Unbelievable things are happening:

67,4. Fire is erupting from the earth at several places;

67,5. the hurricane is driving flying pillars of fire back and forth, destroying everything in their path!

67,6. Nothing is too solid or strong enough to withstand its terrible power!

67,7. The priests have said: All the gods together have become enraged and want to destroy us all!

67,8. And so it is, for one can hear the distinct barking of Cerberus and the furies are dancing all over the place! Vulcan has pointed his funnels to the upper world!

67,9. Its powerful Cyclops are purposely smashing the houses and mountains!

67,10. And Neptune has united all his powers into one!

67,11. He raises the sea just like mountains and wants to drown us all!

67,12. Unless large human sacrifices are instantly offered to the enraged gods, we will all be finished!

67,13. A thousand youths and a thousand virgins have been chosen by the priests as a sacrifice; and we have been sent to you in a hurry to receive your authorization!"

67,14. This message terrified Cyrenius and he did not know what to do now.

67,15. For state political reasons, he did not dare oppose the priests' call,

67,16. but to sanction the sacrifice was even more impossible to his heart than to contradict the priests.

67,17. He therefore turned to the Infant, who had just awakened and he asked Him for advice in this dreadful matter.

67,18. And the Infant spoke: "Be calm! For in a minute the storm will be over and those who wanted to slaughter people will be no more! Therefore be calm, my Cyrenius!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-67 Chapter