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Chapter 68. – Cyrenius' answer to the messengers. The three bloodthirsty are bent on a sacrifice. Cyrenius' wise decision. The torment of the two thousand victims.

68,1. Meanwhile, the special messengers were still waiting for Cyrenius to sanction the sacrifice.

68,2. But Cyrenius arose from the cradle and spoke to the messengers:

68,3. "Go to the priests and get me the list of those youths and virgins chosen for the sacrifice,

68,4. for I have to be sure, that the choice is just!"

68,5. The special messengers ran off while the storm had completely settled down.

68,6. Upon arrival in the city, they were terrified to see that the house of the priests had been turned into a huge pile of rubble, under which with the exception of three lesser priests, all higher priests had been buried.

68,7. They therefore quickly returned to Cyrenius and told him what had happened to the priests.

68,8. And Cyrenius, although now convinced about the correctness of the Child's statement, did not know what to do and wanted to ask the Child for advice again.

68,9. But at this moment the three remaining lesser priests appeared;

68,10. and they hurriedly asked what should be done, as a new earthquake had buried all the pious servants of the gods in their palace, while they were ready for the great sacrifice.

68,11. "The thousand youths and the thousand virgins were ready for the sacrifice exactly at the place where Jupiter's pillar stood, which was now completely destroyed!

68,12. Shall the sacrifice be done now or at the rising of the sun!?

68,13. Under no circumstances can it be cancelled because then the gods will surely get even more angry because of the ingratutide and treachery of men!"

68,14. And Cyrenius responded to the three lesser priests:

68,15. "Under no circumstances should the sacrifice be made today, and tomorrow morning not before I myself give the order for it under penalty of death!"

68,16. After that the three lesser priests left Cyrenius and went to the place where the poor victims cried and moaned in fear of torture and death, and raised their hands to the gods, begging them to be spared.

68,17. Cyrenius could hardly wait for the next morning to come; for he felt sorry for the terrified victims having to endure such a horrible night! – –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-68 Chapter