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Chapter 69. – The fearful night of the young human victims. The three fiendish servants of God. An outraged Cyrenius brings in his verdict: Freedom to the victims, death to the three priests!

69,1. When the three lesser priests arrived at the place of sacrifice, they immediately announced to the guardians as well as to the poor young victims, that the predestined and irrevocable sacrifice would take place only on the next morning and would be absolutely final because the eminent Cyrenius himself had given the order.

69,2. The effect that this message had on the two thousand victims does not need further description for those who know from historical tradition how such victims were tortured and killed in different ways to appease the various gods.

69,3. (For some people, it would be too much of a shock to hear of the thousand different methods of torture; therefore we want to ignore them.)

69,4. But for that we want to visit the place of sacrifice in the early morning together with Cyrenius, Maronius and Joseph, and have a look around! –)

69,5. Very early the next morning, in bright and clear weather, the three aforementioned men went to the place of sacrifice.

69,6. Still far away, Cyrenius was embittered to hear the terrible outcries of the youths to be sacrificed.

69,7. He hurried forward to bring this scene of horror to an end as soon as possible.

69,8. When he reached the site he was appalled by the three lesser priests' inhumanity, as they eagerly awaited Cyrenius' order to commence the slaughter.

69,9. Cyrenius immediately called the three priests and asked them: "Tell me, are you not feeling sorry for these marvellous youths when they are going to be murdered in the most brutal way? – Don't you have any compassion in yourself?"

69,10. And the priests spoke: "Where the gods feel, there is no place for human feelings!

69,11. For the gods, the life of men is nothing – and often only an abomination. We, as their servants on earth, are tuned to feel just like them, so there can be no mercy within us,

69,12. but rather joy and ecstasy when we are able to serve the gods punctually!

69,13. So we happily look forward to the slaughter of these sacrifices, even rarely demanded by the gods!"

69,14. This declaration was such a powerful blow to Cyrenius' heart, that he started to tremble from the anger he felt at these priests.

69,15. But he collected himself and spoke to the priests: "Now what if Zeus himself would be here and offer these victims their life back? – What would you do?"

69,16. And the priests replied: "Then the sacrifice would have to be carried out even more determinedly, because this would only be a test of our priest servant's zeal!

69,17. If we would have mercy on the chosen victims, Zeus would regard us as evil-doers and destroy us with lightning and thunder!"

69,18. But Cyrenius asked the priests further: "What then have these other high priests done before the gods, that they have been so cruelly killed in their palace?

69,19. And the priests replied: "Do you not know then that an inexorable Destiny reigns beyond all gods and their priests?!

69,20. That is why the priests have been killed, as the gods were excited before that; it cannot kill the gods, but only the here and there still mortal priests!"

69,21. "All right", said Cyrenius, "today, after midnight, Fate came to me and gave me the order to spare the life of all the youths and to sacrifice you for them instead, as certain as my name is Cyrenius and my brother Julius Augustus Caesar rules as the highest consul and emperor in Rome! – What do you have to say to that?!"

69,22. This terrible message caused the priests to turn pale with fright and brought the other victims back to their senses. – Cyrenius promptly proclaimed the freedom of all the victims, and had the priests tied up and prepared for execution. –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-69 Chapter