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Chapter 70. – Joseph's attempt at mitigation. Cyrenius' wrath at the three condemned priests. The plea for mercy by the condemned.

70,1. Joseph now went over to Cyrenius and asked him: "Most respected, beloved friend! Are you absolutely serious about killing these three idolatrous priests?"

70,2. And Cyrenius, full of anger at these three heartless human tigers, spoke to Joseph:

70,3. "Yes, my exalted friend! I want to set an example here, so that all people realize that there is nothing more I punish more severely than complete lovelessness!

70,4. For a man without love and compassion is the greatest evil on earth.

70,5. All rapacious animals are like lambs to him, and the furies of hell are hardly poor students compared to him!

70,6. Therefore it is the first and highest duty of a true ruler of the people to eradicate monsters like this from the face of the earth!

70,7. Priests should teach the people about love; they should set a good example for everyone!

70,8. When these principal teachers and leaders turn into furies, what will become of their pupils?

70,9. Therefore away with such beasts! – I am now only considering the most agonising kind of death; once I have decided, the staff shall be broken over them immediately!"

70,10. Joseph did not dare to argue with Cyrenius any more, for too serious and too powerful were the words he had spoken.

70,11. After a while the priests fell down in front of Cyrenius and begged for mercy, assuring that they would change their lives and even be ready to lay down their priesthood.

70,12. To obtain clemency they appealed to the law of the priests, which had prompted them to act like this and not otherwise.

70,13. But Cyrenius spoke: "Do you villains think I do not know the laws of the priests?!

70,14. Listen, the special law of sacrifice states: 'When people have apparently been unfaithful to the gods because of their excesses, and the gods strike them with war, hunger and plague, then the priests should urge them to mend their ways.

70,15. If the people take this to heart, the priests should bless them and, to reconcile with the gods, oblige them to bring a certain amount of gold, livestock and grain before the priests, who will then make a smoke offering with it!

70,16. Should the people be persistent and stubborn, which would mock the priests, they should get hold of them with their children, lock them up in underground chambers and teach them discipline and order for seven months!

70,17. If the blasphemers repent, they shall be freed and can go; if not, they shall be killed by the sword – and then be put into the fire to atone the gods!

70,18. Is this not the old and wise law of sacrifice? – Was there war, hunger and plague here? – Were these beautiful youths unfaithful to the gods? Did you teach them for seven months? – No!!! – Only your craving for honour and lust made you want to kill them; and therefore you have to die as the greatest blasphemers against your own laws!" – -

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-70 Chapter