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Chapter 71. – Joseph's gentle objection to Cyrenius referring to the court of the Lord. Cyrenius' yielding. The apparent sentence to die on the cross for the three priests, as a means of correcting their life.

71,1. After this statement of Cyrenius, Joseph again went over to him and spoke:

71,2. "Cyrenius, my noble friend and brother! – I believe you should leave the punishment of these three, apparently malicious, idolatrous priest, to the Lord;

71,3. for believe me, no one does a good service to the Lord and the almighty God of heaven and earth, by killing even the greatest of miscreants!

71,4. So leave the just punishment of these three safely to the Almighty, and the Lord will bless you by the penalty which he will surely impose on them, if they do not repent and make a complete about face!

71,5. If they show true remorse and convert to the only true God, they still can become noble human beings!"

71,6. These words from Joseph caused Cyrenius to think about what he should really do.

71,7. After a while he decided to at least expose the three to a strong fear of death as a reprisal for the fear they had instilled in the poor youths.

71,8. Therefore he spoke to Joseph: "My dearest and most exalted friend and brother! I have considered your advice well and I will follow it!

71,9. But right now I cannot do it like that! – I must break the threatened staff over these three and sentence them to a most torturous death!

71,10. After they will have suffered the fear of death for twenty-four hours, you can ask me to spare them and cancel the death penalty in a loud voice and in front of all the people;

71,11. and I will evidently respond to your plea and will grant these three villains their life!

71,12. I think this is the right thing to do, for look, I cannot pardon them immediately, because I recognized them as offenders against the law of the priests!

71,13. According to the law, they must be given the death sentence; after this has been done, they can be pardoned rather than executed.

71,14. So let me act on this immediately!"

71,15. Joseph accepted this and Cyrenius called the judges, the lictors and the bailiffs and spoke:

71,16. "Bring me three iron crosses and chains; fix the crosses into the ground and make a fire around the crosses for twenty-four hours!

71,17. When they have reached the right red-hot temperature, I will come and shall have the three blasphemers mounted on the burning crosses! – Fiat."

71,18. Then Cyrenius took a staff, broke it and threw it under the feet of the three and spoke:

71,19. "Now you have heard your sentences! Therefore prepare yourselves; for you deserve such a death! Fiat."

71,20. This sentence hit the three like a thousand strikes of lightning and they started to howl and moan and called on all gods for help.

71,21. Then they were put under guard and the bailiffs went straight to the jail and fetched the tools of torture. But Cyrenius, Joseph and Maronius went straight home after this.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-71 Chapter