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Chapter 72. – Mary's doubts about the omnipotence of the Child Jesus. Joseph's reassuring narration. Why the mighty lion of Judea fled from Herod. The bliss of the murdered children. Pilla's maturity.

72,1. When Cyrenius, Joseph and Maronius Pilla were approaching the villa, Mary, who carried the Child on her arms, came to meet the three very anxiously and quickly asked Joseph:

72,2. "Joseph, my dearest husband! O tell me what happened to these youths!

72,3. For when sacrifices of this kind always take place during such elemental storms that occur frequently, then we too are not safe with our Child!

72,4. He might have great powers, but in spite of that we still had to flee from Herod out of Palestine!

72,5. I have come to the following conclusion: in certain cases the Child does not yet have enough power; therefore it is up to us to protect Him from all great dangers!"

72,6. And Joseph spoke to Mary: "My dear wife, entrusted and married to me by the Lord himself, do not fear!

72,7. For look, not one hair on the heads of the youths, destined for this shameful sacrifice, has been touched!

72,8. Our dear Cyrenius has given them their freedom immediately, and instead, condemned the three priests, who came here yesterday and who requested Cyrenius' approval for the slaughter, to the most painful death on the burning cross!

72,9. But, between you and me, this is only how it appears! – For tomorrow morning, they will be pardoned instead of receiving the death sentence!

72,10. And this lesson will make sure that they will never propose a similar idolatrous sacrifice again!

72,11. Therefore my beloved wife, do not worry, just consider: the Lord who has led us safely so far will neither hand us over to the power of the pagans in the future!"

72,12. After these words from Joseph, Mary was entirely at ease again and her face brightened up.

72,13. And the Infant smiled into His mother's face and spoke to her:

72,14. "Mary! – If someone had tamed a lion and was carried around by it like a gentle beast of burden,

72,15. do you think it would be sensible to fear the elusive rabbit while on the mighty back of the lion?"

72,16. Mary was astonished about the deep wisdom of these words, but did not understand them.

72,17. So the Infant spoke again to Mary, and that with a very serious face:

72,18. "I am the mighty lion of Judea who carries you on his back; then how can you fear those who I can blow away with one breath like loose chaff?

72,19. Do you really think I have fled from Herod, to save Myself from his wrath?

72,20. O no! – I only fled because I wanted to spare him; for had he seen My face, he would have been finished forever! –

72,21. See, the children who were slaughtered for Me, are already happily inside My Kingdom – and are around me daily and praise Me and recognize the Lord in Me completely and eternally!

72,22. See Mary, that is how it is! Therefore you should be silent about Me as you were told; but you should know for yourself, Who He is, whom you shall call the 'Son of God' and whom you have already called like that!"

72,23. These words shook Mary to the core; for she now fully realized that she was carrying the Lord in Her arms!

72,24. But Maronius, who stood behind Mary, had also heard the Child's words, and he fell down before Him.

72,25. Only now Cyrenius spotted Mary; for up to now he was engaged in a conversation with one of his secretaries.

72,26. He now quickly rushed to the Child and greeted and caressed Him. And the Infant did the same and said: "Cyrenius! Raise up Maronius, for he has received enough treatment; he may recognise Me now! – Do you understand what I am saying?!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-72 Chapter