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Chapter 73. – Cyrenius' decree: cancellation of the military exercises. Departure for the city and the Child Jesus' plea in favour of the convicted three.

73,1. When the entourage had arrived at the villa, Cyrenius immediately sent an adjutant to the commander of the city and gave him the order that today and the following day, no parades or marches should take place.

73,2. For such was the Roman custom at special occasions, that during certain manifestations, such as a lunar or solar eclipse, a strong thunderstorm,

73,3. fiery meteors, comets, the sudden appearance of an insane person, an epileptic seizure,

73,4. as well as special days of execution – the custom of the Romans ordained that no matters of state were to be conducted at the same time.

73,5. Because the Romans, who were otherwise quite down to earth, considered such days as days of misfortune or special days of the gods, which the people had to respect and not use for their own private affairs.

73,6. Although Cyrenius' did not care much about such hollow custom, he nevertheless had to respect it because of the people, who still firmly adhered to such follies.

73,7. When the adjutant had left, Cyrenius spoke to Joseph: "Most noble brother and friend! Let a breakfast be prepared! – After breakfast we will all go to the city together and see what damage the storm has done there!

73,8. On this occasion we will surely meet the poor and unfortunate inhabitants of this place, and we can try to help them in any possible way.

73,9. Then we will visit the harbour and see how the situation looks with the ships, and assess if and how they are damaged.

73,10. There will be a lot of work for your sons and I will appoint them immediately as the chief contractors, as there is a particular lack of builders in this town.

73,11. For in terms of architecture, Egypt is now far from what it was a thousand years ago, at the times of the old pharaohs."

73,12. Joseph promptly complied with Cyrenius' request and a simple breakfast was prepared, consisting of bread, honey, milk and some fruits.

73,13. After the meal Cyrenius and his table companions arose and wanted to go to the city according to his plans;

73,14. but the Infant called Cyrenius to Him and spoke: "My Cyrenius! You are moving to the city to help the ailing people and your greatest wish is that I can be with you!

73,15. Yes, I want to go with you, but you have to listen to Me and follow My advice!

73,16. Look, those who suffer the most are probably those three who are condemned to twenty-four hours of fear of death!

73,17. And added to that! – I do not enjoy the great pain of those wretched ones; therefore we go there first and help these unfortunate ones! Only after that we will visit the less unfortunate ones in the city and in the harbour!

73,18. If you do this, I will come with you; if not I will stay at home! – For look, I am also a Master in My own way and can do what I want, without relying on you! But if you follow My advice, I will surely remain with you!

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-73 Chapter