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Chapter 74. – Cyrenius at the crossroads. The Infant's advice. Maronius as expert on Roman law. The pardon for the three priests at the place of sacrifice, their death from joy and their reawakening through the Child Jesus.

74,1. When Cyrenius had heard all this from the for him highest 'cradle Orator' as he sometimes called Him, he was taken aback and did not know anymore what he should do now.

74,2. For on the one hand he felt himself too exposed as a fickle general and governor in front of the people,

74,3. but at the same time he had too much respect for the proven power of the Child!

74,4. For a moment his thoughts went back and forth and after a while he spoke as if to himself:

74,5. "O Scylla, o Charybdis, o myth of Hercules at the crossroads!

74,6. Here stands a hero between two abysses; if he avoids one he inevitably falls in the other!

74,7. What shall I do now? – Where should I turn? – Should I appear irresolute in front of the people and act according to the will of this powerful Child?

74,8. Or should I act according to my own anyhow very mild decision?"

74,9. Here the Infant called Cyrenius and spoke smilingly: "My dear friend, you are stirring hollow eggs and hollow nuts together!

74,10. What is Scylla, what is Charybdis and what is the hero Hercules before Me? – Follow Me, and you will not have anything to do with all these trivialities!"

74,11. And Cyrenius, recovering from his fickleness, spoke to the Infant:

74,12. "Yes, my Life, my little Socrates, Plato and Aristotle in the cradle! – It is You I want to please, come what may!

74,13. Let us go to the place of sacrifice and convert our sentence into mercy!

74,14. Now Maronius also approached Cyrenius and said very gently:

74,15. "Imperial Consular Highness! – I completely agree with the Infant's advice; for just now I remembered that in priestly matters, the death penalty may never be imposed upon the priests without the consent of the Pontifex Maximus in Rome,

74,16. unless they are agitators against the state, which these here are not, but just blind fanatics for their cause!

74,17. Therefore I highly approve of the Infant's advice; following this advice can only benefit you, but never harm you!"

74,18. Cyrenius was pleased with this remark of Maronius and he set off immediately with the entire predetermined group of people.

74,19. Upon arrival at the place of sacrifice, he found the three priests almost lifeless, out of fear for a most torturous death.

74,20. Only one of them still had so much presence of mind that he struggled to his feet before Cyrenius and pleaded to him for a more merciful death.

74,21. But Cyrenius spoke to him and the two others: "Look at the Child, whom this mother is carrying in her arms, He will give you back your life! And thus I also give it back to you, and annul the verdict!

74,22. Therefore rise and be free! Fiat! – And all of you, guards, judges, lictors and bailiffs, leave! Fiat!"

74,23. This declaration of mercy caused the death of the three priests, but the Infant held his hand over the three and they awoke back to life again, and cheerfully followed their little saviour! –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-74 Chapter