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Chapter 75. – The tour of the city after the storm. The positive impact of the hurricane. Cyrenius' foolish intention to throw away his sword. The Holy Child's wise words about the sword as a shepherd's staff.

75,1. Now the entire company quickly moved away from the place of sacrifice, and went into the city, accompanied by the three pardoned priests.

75,2. When the crowd arrived in the city's great square, and stood in front of the huge pile of rubble of the great temple and of the still greater palace of the priests,

75,3. Cyrenius threw his hands up above his head and spoke with a loud voice:

75,4. "How different it looks now! – Yes, only the power of God can bring this about!

75,5. It does not take much time, only a nod of the Omnipotence is sufficient to turn the whole earth into dust!

75,6. O people! – Do you want to fight with the One who rules over the elements and follow His nod?

75,7. Do you want to be judges where the Omnipotence of God commands, and rule, where a little nod of the eternal ruler demolishes you?

75,8. No, no! – I am a fool, that I still carry my girded sword, as if have any power!

75,9. Away with you, you useless thing! There in this rubble heap is the best place for you! – You shall be my true sword instead! You! – whom the mother carries in her arms!" – –

75,10. Now Cyrenius suddenly loosened his sword and his belt of honour from his body and appeared determined to throw them into the rubble heap.

75,11. But the Infant, present at his side in Mary's arms, spoke to him:

75,12. "Cyrenius! Do not do, what you intend to do, for indeed, he who carries the sword like you carries it justly!

75,13. He who uses the sword as a weapon should throw it away from him;

75,14. but he who uses it as a shepherd's staff, shall keep it; for then it is the will of Him, whom heaven and earth must obey eternally!

75,15. You are a shepherd for those who are written in the book of your sword;

75,16. therefore gird yourself again with just honour, so that your people recognize you as their shepherd!

75,17. If your herd would consist of pure lambs, you would not require a staff!

75,18. But there are many rams among them; therefore I would rather give you yet another staff than take that one from you!

75,19. That is the truth! Besides God there is no power; but when God entrusts you with power, then you should not throw away from you what is under God's judgment!"

75,20. After these words, Cyrenius immediately girded his sword again in silent adoration of the Child. – But the three priests were completely taken aback by the wisdom of the Child!

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-75 Chapter