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Chapter 76. – The astonishment of the three priests about the wisdom of the Child and of Joseph. Joseph's mythology of the gods.

76,1. The three priests approached Joseph with the greatest respect, and asked him how this Child had come to such a marvellous wisdom and how old He already was.

76,2. And Joseph spoke to them: "Dear friends, do not ask too soon about that; because a premature answer could cost you your life!

76,3. Follow us and leave your many gods behind and believe that there is only one true God of the heaven and the earth and believe that this one true God is the One whom the people honour and pray to in Jerusalem, so you will find out within yourself and from this Child, where His wisdom comes from!"

76,4. But the priests spoke: "O man, you are speaking in a strange language!

76,5. Are then our main gods Zeus, Apollo, Mercury, Vulcan, Pluto, Mars und Neptune, Juno and Minerva, Venus and others merely a product of human imagination?"

76,6. And Joseph replied: "Listen to me, friends! All your gods originated from the imagination of your forefathers, who will surely have known the one God very well!

76,7. But they were rare poets and singers at the courts of the old kings of this land and personified the properties of the one true God in proper analogies!

76,8. For them, Jupiter represented the goodness and kindness and love of the father from eternity, Apollo the wisdom of the father, and Minerva the power of that wisdom.

76,9. Mercury signified the omnipotence of the one God through his almighty will.

76,10. Venus represented the splendour, the beauty and the eternal youth of the Deity.

76,11. Vulcan and Pluto represented the absolute power of the one God over the whole earth.

76,12. Mars represented the earnestness of God, the judgment and the death for the condemned.

76,13. Neptune represented the active spirit of the one God in all the waters, and how He gives life through it.

76,14. So the old Isis, like Osiris, represented the divine, inviolable Holiness, which is the divine love and eternal wisdom!

76,15. And so all the other gods represented nothing but the attributes of the one God in corresponding images!

76,16. And that was a very commendable representation; for one knew that all this only signified the one God in his many different manifestations.

76,17. But with time, egoism, self-love and lust for power have blinded and deluded the people.

76,18. They lost the spirit and nothing remained for them than the outward form and they became pagans, which means that they became coarse materialists and lost the one God, and only gnawed at the outer, empty, misunderstood images just like dogs, gnawing at bones on which no meat is left! – Do you understand me?"

76,19. The three looked at each other with big eyes and spoke: "Truly, you have more knowledge about our religion than we do! – Where did you learn all this?"

76,20. And Joseph spoke: "Be patient, the Child will reveal it to you! Therefore follow us, and do not turn back again!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-76 Chapter