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Chapter 77. – Cyrenius and the three priests. The excavation of those buried alive. The Child's marvellous cooperation. The reawakening of the seven apparently dead catacomb guides.

77,1. The three priests did not ask anything more now; for in Joseph, they recognized a man who seemed to be deeply initiated into the old mysteries of Egypt, which was otherwise only the case with the high priests of this land.

77,2. But Cyrenius turned around and asked the three priests, how many of them had died here.

77,3. And the three spoke: "Most powerful governor! We cannot tell you the exact figure;

77,4. but there certainly were more than seven hundred buried here, without counting the novices of both sexes!"

77,5. "Good", said Cyrenius, "we will soon see for ourselves in this matter!"

77,6. Then he asked Joseph, if it were not advisable to dig out the buried alive!

77,7. And Joseph replied: "That is certainly our strict duty; for there could be still novices alive here and there within the catacombs, and it is our strict duty to rescue them!"

77,8. When Cyrenius heard this, he immediately called two thousand workers, who promptly started to remove the rubble.

77,9. Within a few hours, seven bodies were found, and these were none other than the catacomb guides.

77,10. And Cyrenius said: "Truly, I feel sorry for these people; for without their help we cannot do much in this underground labyrinth with countless passages and ducts!"

77,11. But the Infant said to Cyrenius: "My Cyrenius! Regarding the catacombs, nothing of much use will be discovered here;

77,12. for they lie unused for several centuries and are full of mud and all kinds of vermin!

77,13. These seven guides in the catacombs were only guides in the nominal sense; none of them had in fact ever entered a catacomb before.

77,14. And look, so that you can believe what I say, I tell you also that these seven guides are not completely dead, but are lying there benumbed and can be brought back to life!

77,15. Have them massaged on their temples, chest, neck and hands and feet by strong women and they will quickly awaken from their benumbed state!"

77,16. And Cyrenius asked the Infant: "O You my Life! If You would touch them, wouldn't they surely awake?!"

77,17. But the Infant spoke: "Do as I told you; for I cannot do too much, otherwise I will bring a judgment rather than a blessing to the world!"

77,18. Although Cyrenius did not understand these words, he followed the advice of the Infant.

77,19. He immediately sent for ten strong maidens to massage the seven guides.

77,20. After a few minutes the seven awoke and asked the bystanders what had happened to them and what was going on here.

77,21. And Cyrenius immediately sent them to a good inn; but the people were amazed about this awakening and accorded great respect to the virgins.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-77 Chapter