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Chapter 78. – A work of compassion. The intelligent storm. Cyrenius' foreboding. The visit to the harbour.

78,1. After this they dug further and Cyrenius gave the order for all the dead bodies that were not too much mutilated to be laid face down at a designated place covered with mats;

78,2. only the highly mutilated should either be immediately cremated or buried eight feet deep at the common burial ground.

78,3. It should be attempted to awaken the less mutilated as had been done with the seven.

78,4. And if one or the other could come back to life, he should be brought immediately to the inn with the other seven!

78,5. After this order was given, Cyrenius left with his company, to have a look at other parts of the city.

78,6. But to his great astonishment he found that none of the civilians' houses had been damaged in the least;

78,7. whereas there was not one temple to be found which did not lay in ruins, except one small, locked temple with the inscription: "To the unknown God!"

78,8. When the entourage accompanied by a crowd of people had marched through the whole city – not insignificant with a population of eighty-thousand people – Cyrenius called Joseph to him and spoke:

78,9. "Listen, most exalted friend and brother! Somehow I really feel like laughing when I look at the strange effects of the earthquake and the storm!

78,10. Just look over there! Along this road before us are houses of such poor construction; dry stones without mortar – and rather asymmetrically at that – that form a wall.

78,11. One should think that such walls are hardly strong enough to resist a quake caused by the hoof beat of a horse of above-average weight!

78,12. But you see, these ant buildings are still standing! Not one of them has been damaged in the least,

78,13. while among these really no more than temporal structures, the temples solidly built to last for millennia have turned into heaps of rubble one by one!

78,14. What do you think of this most peculiar phenomenon? – Does it not make sense to say that the earthquake as well as the storm have acted in a very intelligent way?!

78,15. Indeed! To my utmost joy I have to confess and tell you:

78,16. If your little Son has not used His almighty fingers to play a bit with the temples, accompanied by the storm, my name is not Cyrenius!"

78,17. But Joseph spoke: "Keep entirely to yourself what you believe and talk to nobody about it – because it seems to be so!

78,18. But let us go to the harbour now, as I want to see if there is some work for me to be done there!" – And Cyrenius promptly followed Joseph's advice and went to the sea shore.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-78 Chapter