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Chapter 79. – The limited damage at the harbour. The return home. The detour on the advice of the Infant. The reason for it.

79,1. Upon arrival at the sea shore, where the harbour was built partly by nature and partly by the skill of men, Cyrenius was equally surprised.

79,2. For there was no damage to be seen anywhere, except that all mythological ornaments on Cyrenius' most splendid ship were destroyed.

79,3. Therefore Cyrenius spoke to Joseph: "My most respected friend, the circumstances are such that your sons might have little to do!

79,4. Look, not one ship has suffered any damage, except that the idols, particularly on my ship, have apparently fallen into the water,

79,5. but I do not mind about that and in fact welcome it; for never again will I have them installed one my ships!

79,6. All praise and honour to your God for that!

79,7. But for all that I will reward your sons for some small repairs on the ships here and there and do as if they had done a major job!"

79,8. And Joseph spoke to Cyrenius: "O friend and brother, do not care about the earnings of my children!

79,9. See, it is not because of the money, I just would have been happy to help you with some reconstructive works together with my sons; but the Lord has helped you, and it is better that way, because you will now hardly need me.

79,10. We have seen everything now and since it is already late afternoon, I think we better go home and if necessary come back tomorrow to have a look at anything that remains!"

79,11. And Cyrenius spoke: "That is also my opinion; for I feel so very sorry for the poor mother. So let's try to reach home as soon as possible!

79,12. I will immediately sent for a stretcher to carry her home along with the Infant!"

79,13. The Infant who was behind Cyrenius rose up immediately and spoke:

79,14. "Surely you will do that; for this mother has become very tired carrying Me all the time!

79,15. But while going home you should avoid passing by that certain square of the priests!

79,16. For if I would be carried through there by my mother with now almost a hundred people who were buried alive lying on the mats,

79,17. they suddenly would all become alive, which would be a judgment for you and all the people, and harmful for everyone!

79,18. So they will be awakened during the night by means of human aid under My secret influence!

79,19. In this way, the appearance of a miracle will be avoided and you and all the people will be saved from a judgment eternally killing the spirit!"

79,20. Cyrenius followed this advice to the letter and with much joy in his heart; the litter was brought immediately and Mary took her place inside with the Child.

79,21. And Cyrenius chose a different route, by which the entire company, including the three priests, reached Joseph's villa quickly and comfortably.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-79 Chapter