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Chapter 81. – Cyrenius' desire to be tweaked and pinched by the Holy Infant. The Infant's reply. A promise for Rome. Mary urges them to keep the Infant's misunderstood words in the heart.

81,1. Cyrenius, who had heard these words of the Infant as well, went over to the Infant immediately and asked Him lovingly:

81,2. "O You my Life! You surely do not love me so much, because You never tweaked and pinched me while I held You in my arms?"

81,3. But the Infant replied: "O Cyrenius! Do not be concerned about that; for look, all the troubles that you had to bear because of Me was in fact my tweaking and my pinching and that's why I love you so much!

81,4. Do you understand now, what I have told you?

81,5. I will also tweak and pinch you more often – and out of my love for you I will be really mean to you!

81,6. But listen, because of this, you do not have to be afraid of Me, for nothing will befall you, as it has been up to now; do you understand Me, My dear Cyrenius?"

81,7. Cyrenius, full of the deepest respect in his heart for the Child, was very touched, and said:

81,8. "Yes, yes, You who are my Life, I do understand You well and I know that what great things You have told me!

81,9. But nevertheless I would like it if You would also tweak and pinch me a bit as you do with Your brother!"

81,10. And the Infant said to Cyrenius: "O my dear friend, do you really want to be more childish than I am?

81,11. Do you believe that I would love you more because of that?

81,12. O, look, here you are greatly mistaken; for it is impossible for me to love you more than I love you already!

81,13. Indeed, you will never be able to understand or grasp the greatness and the strength of My love for you!

81,14. Mark my words, less than a century will pass before Rome will move into My fortress in great numbers!

81,15. In fact, the time has not yet come, but believe Me, you are already standing on the threshold which will soon be crossed by many!

81,16. Understand this! – However not physically, but spiritually in My future kingdom forever!"

81,17. The child's words made a great impression on everyone present, and Cyrenius did not know what he should make of it.

81,18. So he turned to Mary who was standing next to him, and asked her if she had understood what the divine Infant had said.

81,19. Mary said, "O friend! – Were this an ordinary human child, then we humans would understand Him;

81,20. but He is of a higher nature, and we cannot understand Him! However, if we carry all His words in us, in the course of time they will be revealed in their true light!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-81 Chapter