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Chapter 82. – Cyrenius' question to Joseph and his reply concerning the lifting of the veil of Isis. Maronius' good explanation. The meal. The respect of the three priests.

82,1. Now Joseph came out of the villa again, and invited the party to the meal which had already been prepared.

82,2. But Cyrenius, who was full of strongly conflicting thoughts, called Joseph over to him and told him what the Infant had said and what Mary had commented,

82,3. and so he asked the good Joseph how such words should be understood.

82,4. But Joseph responded to the somewhat agitated Cyrenius:

82,5. "O friend and brother, do you not know of the myth which tells of the man who once wanted to lift the cloak of Isis?"

82,6. And Cyrenius, very surprised at this unexpected question, said:

82,7. "O exalted friend, of course I know the myth very well; the man perished miserably! But what are you trying to tell me therewith in response to my question?"

82,8. And Joseph replied to Cyrenius: "Dearest friend, nothing other than: there is more here than Isis!

82,9. That's why you should follow my wife's advice, and you will fare well forever!"

82,10. But Maronius Pilla was also present and said at this occasion:

82,11. "Your Consular Imperial Highness! I usually feel at a loss regarding these matters, but this time it seems to me that I have understood the wise man perfectly!"

82,12. And Cyrenius replied to him: "I'm happy for you, that you are so convinced of it!

82,13. But for the moment I can not make that claim for myself.

82,14. My brain is usually not so dumbfounded really, but this time it does not render me due assistance!"

82,15. And Maronius said: "For my part, I understand it so: Do not reach for things which are too far away; since for this your hand is too short!

82,16. Of course it would be quite an honour to be a happy Phaeton,

82,17. but what can a poor mortal do when the sun has paved its way too far above him!?

82,18. He simply has to satisfy himself with its light, and leave the honour and power of leading the sun to those beings who surely have longer arms than he, the poor mortal!

82,19. And how long the invisible arm of this Child is, we have convinced ourselves of yesterday!

82,20. You see, your Consular Imperial Highness, have I not understood, in essence, what this wise man said?"

82,21. And Cyrenius agreed with Maronius, pacified his heart and cheerfully accompanied Joseph into the villa and fortified himself at the frugal meal.

82,22. The three priests however, hardly dared to open their eyes, since they thought that the Child was either Zeus or even Fate Itself.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-82 Chapter