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Chapter 83. – The three idolatrous priests' blindness, awe and impulse to flee. The Infant Jesus' wise rules of behaviour for Joseph and Cyrenius.

83,1. When the meal was over and everybody had risen from the table, one of the priests stepped up to Joseph and very humbly asked:

83,2. "Uranus, or at least Saturn as the father of Zeus! For surely that's what you are in person, even though you formerly endeavoured to hide your divinity from us in the town,

83,3. but you did this, so as to test whether we would really recognize you or not.

83,4. Only for a while did we misjudge you, and for that we ask your forgiveness for our uncouth blindness!

83,5. But the earlier sayings of your Child kindled a light in us all, and now we know exactly where we are!

83,6. O make us happy, by telling us how we might offer a sacrifice to you, to your divine wife and to your Child, who is surely, through your Almighty Being, the rejuvenated Zeus?!"

83,7. But Joseph was astonished by this sudden change in the three priests, to whom – when earlier in the town – he had clearly and comprehensively explained the error of their paganism.

83,8. So he reflected on what he should say to them now. – But at that moment the Infant called for Joseph,

83,9. and as He arrived there in James' arms, He immediately said to Joseph:

83,10. "Leave the poor fellows and do not rebuke them; for they are blind and sleep and dream!

83,11. But keep them here for a few days and my brothers will yet awaken them from their sleeping and dreaming! When they will see how you yourselves are praying to God, then they will drop their Uranus, their Saturn and their Zeus!"

83,12. These words had a very calming effect on Joseph, and he immediately made the suggestion to the three priests, that they live under his roof in the meantime, until an arrangement for their livelihood could be made.

83,13. But the three priests, who out of sheer awe hardly dared to breathe, trusted themselves even less to refuse this proposal, since they actually had no clue where they stood.

83,14. They accepted the proposal, but muttered amongst themselves:

83,15. "Ah! – How happy we would be, if only it would be possible to run away and crawl into one of the last corners of the world!

83,16. But apparently we have to remain here in the face of the supreme Gods. O what torture this is for us undeserving beings!"

83,17. But Cyrenius noticed the muttering amongst the three, stepped towards them and thereupon wanted to confront them.

83,18. But the Infant said: "My Cyrenius, stay back for it is not unknown to Me what is going on in these three.

83,19. Their plan is the fruit of their blindness and of their foolish dread and it leads to nothing else, than an escape from us to one of the farthest corners of the earth.

83,20. See, that is all there is to it, and you do not need to get so worked up about it!

83,21. Here in this house you can leave the judgment to Me, and be assured that no injustice will be done to anyone!"

83,22. And Cyrenius was satisfied with this and went back outside with Joseph; and the three priests proceeded to their assigned room.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-83 Chapter