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Chapter 84. – The legend of the origin of the town of Ostracine. Cyrenius' gloomy perspective on the temple of the gods.

84,1. Joseph and Cyrenius, having gone outside, began to discuss a number of issues, while Mary took care of the Infant inside the house.

84,2. and Joseph's sons concerned themselves with putting the household in order, while Cyrenius' servants assisted them.

84,3. After several discussions of lesser importance between Joseph and Cyrenius accompanied by Maronius Pilla, an important point was raised, and this was expressed by Cyrenius thus:

84,4. "Exalted friend and brother! – See, the town and all the territory which falls under the control of the town, surely represents eighty thousand people!

84,5. Among them, there are only very few of your belief and your religion.

84,6. To my knowledge, they have been mostly idol worshippers for thousands of years.

84,7. They have all of their pagan temples in this ancient town, of which the myth says that they were built during the wars of the gods with the Giants of the Earth, and even built by Zeus himself as a symbol of the victory over these Giants.

84,8. Mercury had to collect the bones of the Giants and immerse them in the ocean; this, it seems, is how this land came into being.

84,9. Then for an entire month, Zeus let it rain sand and ashes and occasionally large and heavy stones, over these Giants' bones.

84,10. Thereupon Zeus ordered the old Ceres to make this land fertile and, in its centre and not too far from the ocean, build a fortress and a city as a symbol of the great victory;

84,11. then Zeus himself would bring forth a people from the earth, who should inhabit this land and this town for all time. –

84,12. So you can easily gather from my story that it is precisely these people, more than any other on this earth, who are still convinced that they live in the very town built by the gods themselves,

84,13. which is also why you see crumbling buildings everywhere, since no human being dares to repair any creation of the gods, for fear of sinning against them.

84,14. It is also particularly suggested, that the old Ceres, with the help of Mercury and Apollo, built the temples with her own hands. –

84,15. That is both the myth and the strong belief of these otherwise good-natured people, who, in spite of their poverty, are very hospitable and exceptionally honest.

84,16. But what can be done if the people were to demand the reconstruction of the temple?

84,17. Should one reconstruct the temple for them or not, – or should one convert it to your doctrine?

84,18. And if one does that then what will the neighbouring peoples say who also visit this town once in a while,since it has been more of a ruin than an actual city since a long time!?"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-84 Chapter