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Chapter 85. – Joseph's advice about trust in God and the prophecy of the end of Ostracine.

85,1. And Cyrenius continued: "O friend, in truth, it is difficult to give a good advice here!

85,2. If you can give any advice from the living heart of your truly divine wisdom, please share it with me!

85,3. For indeed, the more I think about this issue, the more critical and entangled it gets!"

85,4. And Joseph replied to Cyrenius: "Listen to me, most noble friend! It is very easy to help you out of this predicament!

85,5. I will give you a good piece of advice, which will show you what is the right thing to do on this occasion.

85,6. See, in your heart you are now a part of my living faith and you love and honour with me the one and only true God!

85,7. But I tell you: As long as you are anxious, God will not do anything for you!

85,8. But if you surrender all you worries to Him, and only concern yourself with finding out how to recognize and love this true God more and more,

85,9. then He will begin to help you in everything, and all that appeared to you as crooked today will be straight tomorrow!

85,10. Therefore let this city be cleared of debris only in those places where people are still buried beneath it, which is now being done.

85,11. But let all the other temples under whose debris you will only find at most a few crude, worthless, broken idols remain as ruins!

85,12. For what the elements have destroyed, is seen by these blind people to be the work of the gods themselves.

85,13. That is why none of them will take the initiative to rebuild these temples,

85,14. since they are afraid that this is against the will of the gods, and could draw a great retribution upon them.

85,15. And there are no priests left who, on the basis of a fictitious decree by the gods would have taken it up to their own advantage through the hands and the means of the people, –

85,16. and the ones that are still there will never build temples for idols!

85,17. So, you need not worry; the Lord of heaven and earth will bring about what is best for you and for all people!

85,18. Anyhow, more towns will suffer a similar fate in our time; they will be buried here and there, so no one will notice it when this old town becomes a complete ruin within ten years!"

85,19. This speech of Joseph consoled Cyrenius, and he cheerfully returned to the house with Joseph.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-85 Chapter