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Chapter 86. – Cyrenius' return to Ostracine with his servants. Mary in prayer. Joseph's consoling words.

86,1. Upon reaching the dining room, Cyrenius asked Joseph: "Dear friend, my All, just now a great idea came into my heart and mind!

86,2. Regarding the issue we discussed outside, and about which you spoke such fine and heartening words to me, what do you think, wouldn't I be able to quiet my mind

86,3. if I were to ask the three priests who are present here for their opinion?"

86,4. And Joseph said: "If my word is not enough for you, – you are the master here and you can do what you want to reassure yourself,

86,5. although in my opinion, there isn't much to gain from talking to these priests, as long as they mistake me for Uranus or Saturn and the Infant for the rejuvenated Zeus!

86,6. If you to ask them about the issue which concerns you, they will obviously refer you to me and the Infant!"

86,7. When Cyrenius heard such words from Joseph, he renounced his wish and replied:

86,8. "Now things are clear; my mind is at peace and from now on I can calmly devote my time to my affairs of state again.

86,9. It is already getting late; so I will return to the town with my servants!

86,10. But tomorrow afternoon I will be back; and should I be in need of your advice before that I will request you to come to me in the morning!"

86,11. At this point Joseph blessed Cyrenius and Maronius, and Cyrenius went over to the cradle and kissed the sleeping Infant softly.

86,12. Then he arose and went out with tears in his eyes.

86,13. As he went he glanced back at least a hundred times towards the villa, which now meant more to him than all the treasures of the world.

86,14. And for as long as Joseph was still able to see Cyrenius' entourage, he sent him one blessing after another.

86,15. Only when there was nothing more to be seen of Cyrenius did Joseph return to the house and to Mary, who – as usual at this time – was deeply engrossed in her prayers.

86,16. But as soon as she sense Joseph near her, she got up and said: "Dear husband, indeed, I have become a different person today! – Oh world, oh world! – It holds no gain for man!"

86,17. And Joseph replied: "My most faithful wife, you are right; but I believe that as long as the Lord is with us, we will not lose anything in the world either! So be in good spirits, for tomorrow the same old sun will rise for us splendid and fresh! Eternal glory to the Lord alone, Amen."

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-86 Chapter