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Chapter 88. – The golden daybreak. Joseph and his sons at work in the field. Joel struck down by a poisonous snake bite. The homecoming and the hysteria in Joseph's house. The Infant's words of consolation. Joel's reawakening.

88,1. Joseph now instructed his sons to complete their usual duties and then retire.

88,2. But he himself retired immediately as he had already begun to feel a tiredness in his body.

88,3. And so this day, rich in experiences, came to an end.

88,4. The next day, our Joseph was up as usual long before sunrise, and awakened his sons to go to work.

88,5. For he said: "The early bird catches the worm. Whatever we do then is more blessed than all the work throughout the rest of the day!"

88,6. And so, with the exception of James who was to remain with the Infant, he went straight to a field with the four older sons and started the cultivation work.

88,7. The eldest son was the most diligent one, and wanted to outdo the other three.

88,8. But see, as he drove his spade so eagerly into the soil, he suddenly lifted a very poisonous snake from the ground!

88,9. And the snake moved quickly and bit him in the foot.

88,10. Hereupon the three younger brothers rushed over to him and beat the snake to death, but all the same their brother's foot swelled up visibly, he was overcome by dizziness and soon breathed his last.

88,11. Joseph and the three younger brothers began to lament and they besought God, that He may bring Joel back to life.

88,12. And Joseph cursed the snake and said to the three: "Never again shall a snake crawl on this ground!

88,13. Now lift up your brother and carry him home; for it must thus have pleased the Lord that He took away my son and heir!"

88,14. And the three weeping brothers lifted Joel up and carried him home, and Joseph tore his robe and followed them while lamenting.

88,15. Upon reaching home, Mary, scared by the wailing, soon came towards them with the Child, followed by James.

88,16. As they noticed the lifeless Joel and Joseph in his torn robe, they both cried out in anguish.

88,17. The three priests also came over quickly and were quite horrified upon seeing the corpse.

88,18. And one of them said to Joseph: "Only now do I fully believe you, that you are only human after all; for if you were a God, how could your children die and how would you not raise them from the dead right away?!"

88,19. But the Infant said: "You are all wrong. Joel is merely dazed and asleep, but he is not dead!

88,20. Bring a sea onion, place it on him over his wound and soon he will get better!"

88,21. James quickly brought such an onion and placed it on Joel's wound;

88,22. and in a few moments, he came to and asked all of them what had happened to him.

88,23. And those around him promptly told him everything and praised God for his recovery, and the three priest developed a great respect for the Child, – but even more so for the onion.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-88 Chapter