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Chapter 89. – Joseph's sacrificial vow. The objection of the Infant Jesus and His advice on the sacrifice most pleasing to God. Joseph's objection and his weakening by the Infant.

89,1. Then Joseph and his entire family went straight to the bedroom and praised and honoured God loudly for almost an hour;

89,2. and he also made a vow, by which he committed himself to bring a sacrifice to the Lord upon his next visit to Jerusalem.

89,3. But the Infant said to Joseph: "Listen to Me! – Do you really think that this will please the Lord?

89,4. For you are greatly mistaken, – see, God takes pleasure neither in burnt offerings nor in the blood of animals or in flour, oils and grains,

89,5. but only in a repentant, remorseful and humble soul that loves Him above all else!

89,6. But should you have something to spare, then give to those who are naked, hungry and thirsty, and in this way you will bring a real sacrifice to the Lord!

89,7. Therefore I release you from your vow and your duty to the temple, because this in My full power!

89,8. But I Myself will one day keep your vow in Jerusalem in such a way that the whole earth will be satiated for eternity!" – – –

89,9. Joseph took the Infant in his arms, kissed Him and then said to Him:

89,10. "My dearest little Jesus, Your Joseph thanks You for this from the bottom of his heart and recognizes the entire sacred truth of Your marvellous utterance;

89,11. but see, God, Your and all our Father, has still ordained such through Moses and the prophets and holds us, his children, to it!

89,12. O tell me: do You, my little Son, although of divine, holy and miraculous birth, really have the right to revoke the laws of the great Father who lives eternally in His heavens?"

89,13. And the Infant replied: "Joseph, even if I would tell you who I am, you would still not believe Me, for you only see a human being in Me!

89,14. But I tell you nevertheless: wherever I am, there is also the Father; but wherever I am not, the Father is not.

89,15. But now I am here and not in the temple; so how is the Father supposed to be in the temple? – !

89,16. Do you understand this? – See, wherever the love of the Father is, there is also His heart; and the love of the Father is within Me and therewith also His heart!

89,17. But nobody carries his heart outside himself, and neither does the Father; wherever His heart is, there He is as well! – Do you understand such things?"

89,18. These words filled Joseph and Mary as well as their five sons with a profound, sacred sense of foreboding; and they went outside and praised the Father who was so close to them in their hearts. And Mary started with the preparation for the morning meal.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-89 Chapter