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Chapter 90. – The morning meal. The custom of ablution. The three priests' resistance to Joseph's instructions and the Infant's lesson in obedience. The priests' significant question and Joseph's embarrassment.

90,1. The morning meal was soon ready, for it consisted of nothing else than a pot of simmered milk, some honey and thyme, and bread.

90,2. Mary brought it to the table herself and called Joseph, the five sons as well as the three priests to the table.

90,3. And soon Joseph appeared with the Child in his arms, gave Him to the mother and went over to the table.

90,4. He immediately struck up his song of praise to the Lord; and when he finished the song, Joseph asked, as per his custom, if everyone had washed.

90,5. And Mary, the five sons and the Infant said: "Yes, all of us are washed quite well!"

90,6. And Joseph replied: "Then you may also eat! But how is it with you three, did you wash yourselves as well?"

90,7. And the three priests said: "It is not our custom to wash ourselves with water in the morning, but only in the evening.

90,8. In the morning we anoint ourselves with oil, so that the heat of the day does not bother us."

90,9. And Joseph said: "That may well be; if I would visit you in your house, I would do the same as you.

90,10. But since you are now in my house, you should follow my custom; for it is better than yours!"

90,11. But the priests asked to be spared this custom.

90,12. And Joseph felt like letting the priests off,

90,13. but the Infant said: "Indeed, every bite shall turn to stone in their stomachs, if they do not clean themselves with water before sitting at the table where I am present!"

90,14. Upon hearing these words, the three priests immediately broke their custom, asked for water, and washed themselves.

90,15. After they had washed themselves, Joseph called them back to the table;

90,16. but the priests refused and did not dare, for they were frightened of the Child.

90,17. But the Infant said: "If you refuse to sit at the table and not eat this consecrated morning meal with us now, you will die!"

90,18. And the priests immediately came to the table and ate, concealing their great awe of the Child.

90,19. Once the morning meal had been consumed, Joseph got up again and expressed his gratitude to God.

90,20. Thereupon the priests asked him: "Which God are you thanking? – Is this Child not the first true God? – Then how can you thank any other?"

90,21. This question astonished Joseph and he did not know how to respond.

90,22. But the Infant said: "Joseph! – do not concern yourself in vain; for what the three have said will come to pass! But do not worry now; for you pray nevertheless to one God and Father!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-90 Chapter