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Chapter 91. – Love as the true prayer to God. Jesus as the Son of God. The pagan thoughts of the three priests and the Child's riposte.

91,1. Joseph kissed the Infant and said: "Yes indeed, if the Father's heart would not be in You, You would never be able to express such words!

91,2. For where in the whole world will exist a child of Your age, who is able to speak such words of itself; words that have never before been spoken by a wise man!

91,3. Therefore tell me if I should worship you wholly as my God and Lord?"

91,4. Joseph's question to the Infant surprised all the people present.

91,5. Smiling gently, the Child said to Joseph: "Joseph! Do you really know how man should pray to God?

91,6. See, you do not know it fully, so I will tell you.

91,7. Listen! Man shall pray to God in spirit and in truth, but not just with their lips as the children of the world do, who think that they have served God simply by moving their lips for a while.

91,8. And if you want to pray in spirit and in truth, then love God in your heart, and do good to all your friends and enemies, and in this way your prayer will be just before God!

91,9. So if someone only moved his lips for a while from time to time in front of God and during this exercise had thought about so many worldly things that meant more to him than all his loose prayers, more even than God himself – tell me, can this really be considered a prayer?

91,10. Indeed, millions of such prayers are heard by God, as when a stone hears the voice of someone who cries out!

91,11. But if you pray to God out of love, you would never need to ask if you should worship Me now as the most holy God and Father.

91,12. For he who prays to God, also prays to Me; for the Father and I are one love and one heart!"

91,13. These words brought everybody to a clear understanding, and they now knew why Jesus should be called a Son of God.

91,14. Joseph's breast was filled with sheer heavenly delight.

91,15. Mary secretly rejoiced over the Infant and kept all such words in her heart, as did Joseph's sons.

91,16. And the three priests said to Joseph: "O most exalted wise man of all time!

91,17. We would like to have a confidential talk with you alone on that hill where yesterday evening you prayed with your sons in a manner so splendid and uplifting to your God!"

91,18. But the Infant interrupted their talk right away and said:

91,19. "Do you believe that the reach of My ears is too limited and does not extend to your mouths on the hill? – O how mistaken you are; for My ears reach just as far as My hands! So just have your discussion here in front of Me."

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-91 Chapter