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Chapter 92. – The disclosure of the blindness and folly of the three priests. About building temples in one's heart and the true service to God.

92,1. The three priests however became very embarrassed and did not know what they should do; for in the presence of the Child they did not dare to reveal their concerns to Joseph.

92,2. The Infant looked at them and said to them with a very firm voice:

92,3. "Would you not like to make an idol out of Me as well?

92,4. You would like to construct a temple on that hill over there, install a carving after Me on a golden altar and then make a sacrifice to this carving according to your tradition.

92,5. Just try to do something like this, and in truth I tell you, the first one who makes a step towards it and stretches out a finger for it, will be a dead man!

92,6. If you want to construct a temple to Me, then build a living temple in your hearts;

92,7. for I am alive and not dead, and thus I want living temples rather than dead ones!

92,8. And as you already believe that the fullness of the Deity lives in Me in the flesh, am I Myself not enough of a living temple for you? – Why should there be a carving and a stone temple of Me as well?

92,9. What is more significant, Me – or such a nondescript temple and a carving of Me?

92,10. So if the living one is with you and among you, what good will a dead one do then?

92,11. O you blind fools! – If you love Me, doesn't this then mean more than the construction of a thousand stone temples for Me, where for a thousand years you would move your lips in front of carved pictures of Me while dressed in decorated coats?!

92,12. And if a poor man would come to you, naked and hungry and thirsty,

92,13. and you would say: 'See, this is a half God, for thus do these high beings appear;

92,14. let us make an image of him and then put it in a temple so that we can worship it!' –

92,15. Tell Me, if you were to do this, would the poor man be helped by this, even if you were to make his picture out of pure gold?!

92,16. Would it not help the poor man more, if you would clothe him with love and then provide him with food and drink?

92,17. Is God not more alive than any man on earth, in that everything receives life from Him?

92,18. Should God, who created the sun and gave you your eyes to see with, be slightly blind?!

92,19. Or should He who made you your ear be deaf, and He who gave you your senses be numb?

92,20. See, how foolish it would be to think and speak like that!

92,21. God is the most perfect life Himself and thus the most perfect love; how then do you want to worship and honour Him as a dead entity? –

92,22. Think of this, so that your blindness may be healed."

92,23. This speech knocked the three priests to the ground; they recognized the divine truth and did not speak anymore for the rest of the day.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-92 Chapter