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Chapter 93. – The all-round positive effect of this lecture. The domestic life of the Holy Family. The blind beggar and her dream. The healing of the blind through the Child's bathwater.

93,1. After they expressed their greatest esteem, the three priests returned to their assigned room and stayed there until sunset.

93,2. They did not talk, but each one of them pondered on the words of the miraculously talking Child.

93,3. Joseph honoured God in his heart and thanked Him fervently for the infinite blessing that he had become the foster father of the Son of God.

93,4. After he had honoured and praised God together with Mary and his sons, and Mary had seen to the Infant,

93,5. the Child was again given over to James, and Joseph had Mary stitch his torn clothes together again. Then he went back to till the field again with his sons.

93,6. In the meantime Mary cleaned the furniture in the house, so that it might be clean for the reception of the guests who had promised to return in the afternoon.

93,7. After the cleaning was done, she checked again on the Child to see if He needed anything.

93,8. The Child demanded to be nursed and have a bath, and that with clean cold water.

93,9. Mary did all this right away; and after she had bathed the Child, a blind woman entered the room and came up to Mary complaining about her misery.

93,10. But Mary said to the blind woman: "I can see very well that you are not well off, but what can I do for you that would help you?"

93,11. And the woman said: "Listen to me! – Last night I had a wonderful dream.

93,12. I saw that you had a radiant Child; and this Child demanded nursing and bathing from you.

93,13. The bath consisted of fresh water, and after you had bathed the Child in it, the water was full of brilliant stars!

93,14. Then I remembered that I am blind, and was not a little surprised as to how I was able to see all of this.

93,15. But at the same time you spoke to me: 'Woman, so take this water and wash your eyes and you will be able to see!'

93,16. So I wanted to take the water immediately to wash my eyes, but then I woke up – and was still blind!

93,17. But this morning someone said to me: 'Go out and search! You will meet the woman with the Child; for you will not enter any house except that one only!'

93,18. Now here I am, having reached the end of my great effort, fear and danger!"

93,19. Here Mary gave the bathwater to the blind woman, and the woman washed her face in it and in this moment regained her eyesight.

93,20. The woman was beside herself with gratitude and wanted to trumpet it forth in Ostracine; but Mary strictly forbade the woman to do so.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-93 Chapter