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Chapter 94.– The healed woman's thanks and her request to be accepted in Joseph's house. James' testimonial of Mary's character. The girl's prophecy of the adoration of Mary. Mary's humility. Joseph's return.

94,1. And the woman asked Mary if she could perhaps allow her to stay with her for some time, in order to serve the house in which such a great salvation had come her way.

94,2. And Mary replied: "Woman, that is not for me to decide, for I myself am only a maiden of the Lord.

94,3. But stay around for a while until my husband returns from the fields; he will surely tell you what should be done!"

94,4. The woman threw herself at Mary's feet and wanted to start worshipping her as a real Goddess; for she regarded the healing of her face as too great a great miracle, as she was born blind.

94,5. But Mary sternly rebuked her and withdrew to another room.

94,6. Thereupon the woman started to cry, for she thought that because of this she had offended her greatest benefactress.

94,7. James, who coaxed the Infant in the same room, looked at the woman and said to her:

94,8. "Why do you cry, as if somebody had hurt you?"

94,9. And the woman said: "Oh, you dear young man! I have offended the one who gave light to my eyes; how could I not cry?"

94,10. But James said: "Oh, worry about something else! The young woman, who gave you the bathwater, is gentler than a turtledove, so she can never be offended.

94,11. Even if somebody wanted to offend her, he would not be able to do so.

94,12. For she then blesses him ten times for one insult and asks the offender for his friendship again, in such a way that even the hardest stone could not resist!

94,13. See, that is how good this woman is! Therefore, do not worry; for I assure you that right now she is praying to God for you!"

94,14. And so it was indeed. Mary indeed prayed to God for this woman, that He would make her see sense and would let her realise that she, Mary, was only a weak woman also.

94,15. Mary was actually of the highest nobility; but her pleasure consisted of being humbled everywhere and by everyone.

94,16. After a while our dear, sweet Mary returned and asked the woman in earnest to forgive her for snapping at her so harshly.

94,17. Behaving in this way, Mary drove the grateful woman almost mad out of love for her.

94,18. And in total rapture, the woman spoke of her love:

94,19. "O bright soul of my gender, what your most noble heart just rebuked me for, nations will one day do to you!

94,20. For among all the women on earth, you are surely the first allied to the highest Gods, especially so since you are so unspeakably kind, sweet and beautiful, not to mention your truly divine virtue!"

94,21. Mary said: "Dear woman, after my death the people can do with me as they please, but during my lifetime this will not happen!"

94,22. At this point Joseph returned with his four sons; and Mary promptly introduced him to the woman and told him everything that had happened.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-94 Chapter