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Chapter 95. – Joseph takes in the healed woman. Her moving life story. Joseph consoles the poor orphan.

95,1. As soon as the woman realised that Joseph was Mary's husband, she went over to him with the request that she may stay in his house.

95,2. And Joseph said to her: "Since you experienced such grace as my wife told me in your presence, and you wish to express your gratitude for it to this house, you may as well stay.

95,3. For see, I have quite a large property, many animals and a spacious house!

95,4. So you will have enough things to do, and there also sufficient space here to live.

95,5. And anyhow my wife's physical constitution is rather weak; so you would serve me well if you would help my wife in the housework here and there.

95,6. All your needs shall be taken care of; but I cannot pay you any wages, for I do not have any money.

95,7. If you are satisfied with this proposal, you may stay as long as you like, but not out of any sense of obligation!"

95,8. Upon hearing these words the woman, who was a very poor orphan anyway, became very happy, and she praised the house, in which she encountered so much goodness, beyond measure.

95,9. Joseph then asked her about her place of birth and her age, and to which religion she belonged.

95,10. And the woman replied: "Man worthy of all esteem! – I was born in Rome, and I am the daughter of a powerful patrician!

95,11. My aged appearance does not correspond with my years; for I have am on this earth for hardly twenty summers.

95,12. I was born blind; a priest advised my parents to bring me to Delphi where, by the grace of Apollo, I would regain my eyesight.

95,13. This advice was given to my parents when I was ten years and seven months old.

95,14. My parents, who were very rich and who loved me dearly as their only daughter, followed this advice.

95,15. They hired a ship to sail with me to Delphi.

95,16. But we had hardly been at sea for three days, when an incredibly violent storm blew the ship with great speed to this region.

95,17. As the one who saved my life often told me, about two hundred fathoms away from the shore, the ship was hurled on a rock,

95,18. and everyone, except myself and the one sailor who saved me, died, including my dear parents.

95,19. Never did an opportunity arise to return to my hometown. Five years ago the sailor also died here, and I am now an orphaned beggar in this town, emaciated by great misery and sadness.

95,20. But now that I have found such mercy at the hands of the Gods, and regained my eyesight and can see my benefactors, I shall gladly forget my great misery!"

95,21. This story of the seeming women brought tears to everyone's eyes; and Joseph said: "O you poor orphan, be comforted, for here you shall discover your parents again many times over!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-95 Chapter