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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-96 Chapter

Chapter 96. – The orphan's question about the puzzling words from Joseph. Joseph's answer.

96,1. But the seeming woman did not understand fully what Joseph had meant by finding parents many times over; so she asked him:

96,2. "O you dear, most kind man, in whose house I experienced such an infinitely wonderful grace of such magnitude, what do you mean when you say that I shall find my lost parents here many times over?"

96,3. Joseph said to her: "Indeed, in my house you shall be considered as one of my children as long as you live!

96,4. Here you shall learn to recognize the one eternally true God, the same Who created you and who gave you back your eyesight just now.

96,5. Yes, you shall recognize the essential nature of your God and Lord and He shall teach you Himself!

96,6. You will also shortly meet a Roman of high standing here in my house, who will arrange your affairs in Rome.

96,7. This Roman is Cyrenius, a brother of Augustus.

96,8. For sure he knew your parents and, at my request, he will devote himself to your parents' affairs on your behalf in Rome. – And wouldn't this be like your parents many times over, both spiritually and physically?!

96,9. For if one of your parents were alive somewhere, tell me, could they do more for you?

96,10. Would they have returned your eyesight to you and would they have been able to show you the one eternal and true God?

96,11. Your biological parents would have looked after you for some time, but here you will be looked after for eternity if you will only accept this care!

96,12. Tell me, what is more important, your natural parents who were swallowed up by the ocean, or the ones you have now whom the ocean must obey in the name of the one God?"

96,13. Out of sheer respect and love for Joseph, the seeming woman now fell completely silent.

96,14. As she heard people whisper here and there that Zeus lived somewhere in the vicinity of Ostracine, she now believed she was in his bodily presence.

96,15. But Joseph immediately recognized the woman's delusion and said to her:

96,16. "O maiden, o daughter! – Do not consider me to be more than what I am; and even less, to be something that does not exist!

96,17. I am a human being just like you, and that must suffice for now. In time things will more clear around you; that is enough for now!

96,18. Now bring us the midday meal; and afterwards we shall acquaint ourselves more, so be it."

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-96 Chapter