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Chapter 97. – Joseph's words regarding the three fasting priests. The humility of the new resident and her acceptance by Joseph as his daughter. The blessing and the joy of the Infant Jesus.

97,1. Joseph's sons promptly went out and brought in the midday meal.

97,2. Then Joseph said: "What about the three of them, will they eat lunch with us, of would they prefer to eat in their room today?

97,3. Go and enquire about it, and it is up to them, in whatever way they prefer it!"

97,4. And the sons went and asked the three of them; but they did not say anything, and motioned to the sons that they would neither speak nor take anything, food or drink, until sunset!

97,5. The sons informed Joseph who was satisfied with this and said:

97,6. "If the three of them are doing this as a matter of conscience, then we would sin against them if we would stop them from keeping their vows!

97,7. So, in the name of the Lord, let us sit at the table and consume gratefully what God has bestowed upon us!"

97,8. But the seeming woman said: "O Lord of this house! – You are too good and I am of no value; and so I am really not worthy to eat at your table; I wish to eat with gratitude, in the entrance hall of the house, whatever you offer me in your kindness!

97,9. And besides, my thoroughly torn clothes and my unwashed body are also not suitable for the table of such a gentleman as you are!"

97,10. And Joseph said to his sons: "Go and get four large jugs of water and put them in Mary's side room!

97,11. You, my wife, go and wash the woman and comb her hair and dress her in your best clothes!

97,12. And when she is exquisitely and splendidly attired, you shall bring her here, so that she can have lunch with us without being shy!"

97,13. Within half an hour Joseph's wish had been fulfilled, and totally cleansed there now stood in place of the woman, a very sweet, shy and exceedingly grateful girl, in whose face only traces of her former sadness could be seen.

97,14. Her features held a great beauty, and her eyes expressed a deep humility but also a deep love.

97,15. Joseph took much pleasure in this child and said: "O Lord, I am grateful to You, that You chose me to save this poor woman; In Your most holy name I wish to accept her unreservedly as my daughter!"

97,16. And turning to his sons, he said: "Look at your poor sister and greet her as brothers!"

97,17. Joseph's sons did this with much joy and finally the Infant also spoke:

97,18. "In that she is accepted by you, I shall also accept her; it is a good deed and gives Me great joy!"

97,19. But when the girl thus heard the Infant speak, she was surprised and said: "O what a miracle! – how come, that this Infant can speak like a God!?" –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-97 Chapter